Old Friends Reunited

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These two old friends show their love for each other as they are reunited after over twenty-two years of having been separated. This was first posted in 2011, but it will still affect you in a most touching way.

We could say something about how this video demonstrates the reason republicans chose this animal as their mascot,  but we wont.:



Wolves In Government Clothing

The Following Is Posted As A Public Service For Everyone That Has A Stake In Future Use Of Our Public Lands And For Those Private Land Holders That Wish To Retain Full Use Of Their Land.


Radical environmentalists have used the Endangered Species Act (ESA) effectively for decades to push a far left-wing agenda.  It has become one of the most destructive tools to infringe on private property rights.  The ESA has the power and authority to stall or completely stop businesses and industry from growing – power which they have used to the detriment of our local business.

You feel its impact everyday — higher costs at the fuel pump, home utility bills, and even the price of groceries.   When business and industry don’t grow, neither does the economy.  For citizens and taxpayers, the ESA has become a nightmare.

Radical groups such as Wild Earth Guardians, Earth Justice, and The Center for Biological Diversity are using the ESA to push their extreme agenda of limiting human activity in rural areas.

The federal government tried to introduce wolves into populated areas (where they don’t belong) and have lost control of the population – all on the taxpayers’ dime.

But what can you do?  

IMMEDIATE CALL TO ACTION: Only 3 Public Hearings Held Nationally

Help us stop government agencies from abusing the Endangered Species Act.
Let the US Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS) know, in person, that New Mexico can’t afford wolves.

Register Now

Join us on Friday, October 4th for a screening of our documentary Wolves in Government Clothing, followed by a panel discussion on the consequences of misguided wolf policies, the ESA and why wolves don’t belong in New Mexico.  The US Fish and Wildlife Service is holding a public comment hearing in Albuquerque on the same evening.  Armed with the facts, we will attend the public hearing and take a stand against radical environmentalists who want to use the ESA to force more wolves into our state.  For citizens and taxpayers the ESA has become a nightmare.

Location: Embassy Suites, 1000 Woodward Place NE, Albuquerque

1:00pm Film screening ‘Wolves in Government Clothing’
2:00-3:00pm Panel: The Consequences of Artificial Wolf Introduction
3:00-4:00pm Panel: Reforming the Endangered Species Act
6:00-8:30pm USFWS Hearing on Expanding the New Mexico wolf population.

If we don’t control predators in government — and the wild — they will control us.

 Register Today!


Venture Off The Beaten Path

A flap of the flat cap to Mel’s Daily Video, Black Beauty Ranch.org and Texas Country Reporter:

A Day In The Sun At The Black Beauty Ranch

Today we visit one of the most diverse animal sanctuary in the country. Abuse, neglect, experimentation.. all nasty memories that begin to fade away for the animals at Black Beauty Ranch. Suffering has been replaced with kindness. These 1200 acres serve as an apology from mankind to the rest of the animal kingdom… Ben Callison & Noelle Almrud Black Beauty Ranch blackbeautyranch.org 12526 County Road 3806 Murchison, TX 75778 Phone: 903-469-3811 Like Texas Country Reporter on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TexasCountryReporter

Treasures Close To Edgewood

Festus, a turkey vulture, spreads his wings.

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Tourism is a very serious business!

Many people including local government leaders do not understand the importance of tourism to their community’s overall economic well-being. People who are considering moving a business to a new community often start with a visit to a local tourism attraction. To lose a tourism industry is to lose the basis for your economic development. These quotes are from Dr. Peter E. Tarlow, world tourism consultant.

New Mexico tourism is a 6.1 billion dollar impact to the economy annually. It is the second largest industry behind the government. It is a clean industry with very little impact on the infrastructure because tourists spend money and leave to go home afterwards.

Edgewood has two very important tourist attractions with SASS Founders Ranch and Wildlife West Nature Park. People from all over the world and all over the country come to Edgewood to visit and celebrate the many events held at these two locations. The documented economic impact of these two attractions is in the millions of dollars with motels, restaurants, retailers, fuel providers, auto repair, and fees for various services all adding to the gross receipts that directly benefit all area residents. This is important new revenue that doesn’t come from local taxpayers. It is critical that all community residents and leaders understand and support these events and attractions.


Roger Alink, Founder of Wildlife West Nature Park

Editor’s note:  For those Edgewood and area residents who, for whatever reason, have never made it to Wildlife West to experience all of treasures found there … your failure to visit is truly your loss.

Take some time to learn about the local (right in your backyard) attractions.

It’s a Jack Russell Christmas Somewhere!

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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I love dogs and I especially love Chinese Pugs, Jack Russell Terriers, and Corgi/Jack Russell crosses. Perhaps it is because we have a Pug and a Cojack and never tire of  watching their antics … well, most of the time!  I posted a Jack Russell Christmas video last year and will post it again this year, along with a couple of others. I hope you enjoy the dogs and the message, however subtle:

The next one:

Here’s the final one.  Now go out to your nearest shelter and save a dog, or even a cat or kitten!

Here’s a link to an alert Cojack

Have a wonderful Christmas or if you celebrate some other religious holiday during this season, I pray your particular celebratory day or period will be rewarding.

Thanks to all the dogs, pups, owners and video artists who put together these wonderful presentations.  You have blessed us.

Dear Deer,

Screenshot of Bambi and Faline from the traile...

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What can the matter be?

And the deer said — I’m freezing.  And the people said — We will rescue you!  And they did — then the Deer  Sheriff, silly as could be — gave them a citation.  Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!  And with all due respect — Maybe a little ignorant!

The Perils Of Bambi for the story in print

Video Can Be Seen Below The First Image


They Discover Them Every Year

Cover of January, 1915 National Geographic Mag...

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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And, some only a mother could love.  Maybe, I should not say only a mother could love them and just say (no question about it) they don’t look human.  I’m talking about newly discovered creatures … at least they are newly discovered by scientists. Someone else knew they existed all along.

I believe National Geographic comes out with this list or one similar every year, so we can thank them for keeping us up to date on land, air and sea  critters, no matter their appearance.

So reach out and touch them with a click so you don’t have to cringe as you might if you actually touched them.

Here’s a link which will allow you to discover creatures on your own while others stand-by and observe, listen or perhaps discover with you.

What To Call A Group Of Turkeys

The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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I’m sure that NOW and NARAL would answer, “Men,” but we are asking the question as it applies to a familiar feathered friend.  The answer would be, a rafter or a gang.  So, now you know, or at least you know what the United States Geological Service website provides.  The website covers the name for groups of many animal and invertebrate groups and I have to say that some of the names sound suspiciously contrived, although interesting.  Here’s the link to the Animal Congregations web site.

Well, now you know how to call the name of many animal groupings.  I hope the increased familiarness, because of your new knowledge, will not interfere with your enjoyment of whatever portion of bird or beast you intend to orally attack this fine Thanksgiving.

There is a great possibility that those volunteers for cooking today are seriously tardy in performing all the intricate details of basting, stuffing and other unnatural or common maneuvers forced on the corpse or body parts of celebratory animals.  To assist, albeit late in coming, I offer the following video containing links to more video magic bird cooking for the holidays:

Now that you’ve seen the videos, you’re probably asking if it would be okay to toss the bird (no pun intended) and rush to a turkey buffet offered by a restaurant … no, it would not.  But you really should pay attention to the links found below and wonder along with me about why there is little to-do offered for the lowly ham, ducks, geese and smaller birds. .