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If you like your coffee and your politics flavorful, served with a heaping dose of civility by a diverse group of interesting people from all parts of the political spectrum then you should be joining us every Saturday. Started in 2007 over coffee and lively conversation by a group of concerned friends and neighbors, ‘Conspiracy Brews’ is committed to finding solutions to some of our State’s toughest problems. Our zest for constructive political discourse is only equaled by our belief that the only way forward is to exchange our views in a relaxed and friendly setting. For additional information or to be added to our e-mail list contact:
Conspiracy Brews

“Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none.”

Benjamin Franklin
Not your average political discussion group!
January 10, 2015
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Southwest Secondary Learning Center
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We think that government should be open and honest at all times.
People from all political parties are welcome.
*** Quotes of the Week ***

“You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.”

Leo Aikman

“It’s better to fight for something than against something.”

Author Unknown

Suggested Topics

— Is there any workable solution to end the terrorism…are we at war?

— Is there a nationwide war on Police?

— Is there a worldwide war on Freedom of Speech?

— Would a Right to Work law benefit NM or hurt NM?

(Light Quotes of the week)

“Every ten years a man should give himself a good kick in the pants.”

Edward Steichen

“The secret to happiness in your work is to find a job in which your neurosis is constructive.”

Jeanne LaMont, MD

“Just remember, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything and the wrong way is to keep trying to make everybody else do it the right way.”

M*A*S*H, Colonel Potter


A Trip To The Woodshed

It seldom happens.  A member of congress receives a standing ovation for work they have done or questions they have asked.  It happened and you can mark your calendar on this date (5/17/13) as the extra-ordinary day a congress member spoke for Americans regarding the out-of-bounds machinations of the IRS.

This is a gift that keeps on giving, donated by ignorant progressives, working to undermine conservative movements, only to have the scheme back-flip. Of course this is not the end of growing displeasure with this government, but it may the beginning of the end of this administration.

English: Mike Kelly, member of the United Stat...

English: Mike Kelly, member of the United States House of Representatives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following comes from Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) and RealClearPolitics:

Representative Mike Kelly Spanking IRS

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CraigsList: Very, Very Bad For Him

Unofficial seal of the United States Congress

Image via Wikipedia

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

A drinking problem, temporary insanity, an excess of testosterone, a case of extra Lothario largesse or just unskilled juvenile experimentation?  All possible, but a New York member (Republican) of the US Congress has posed himself into a corner with a Craigslist account.   Now he has failed to play Casanova … failed in the worst possible way we have to say.  Perhaps further evidence of the dumbing down of Congress.

The update to the story indicates that the congressman’s protestations of innocence were mostly, if not all, a tall-tin of bull butter.  Here’s the link to the original story.  The original story now contains a link to an updated account of revelation.

The congressman has a wife and child and now that he has resigned from Congress, perhaps he has a chance to redeem both.  We wish him success with his future.

Thanks and a flap of the cap and flip of the lid to GAWKER and its editor, Maureen O’Connor.

We Did Not Know That & Neither Did “They”

Unofficial seal of the United States Congress

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Well, we may not have known it before, but now  it’s announced by Dick Morris on the Sean Hannity show (see more from the article link)  it must be true and we must know it is true.  Well, not so darn fast.  According to the viral emails and other forms of communication asserting  among other things that :

My sister just sent me a chain e-mail that is trying to make a case for a 28th amendment to the Constitution stating that Congress shall make no law that members of Congress are exempt from obeying themselves. The e-mail uses the following example, and I’d like to know if it’s true:

Monday on Fox news they learned that the staffers of Congress family members are exempt from having to pay back student loans. This will get national attention if other news networks will broadcast it. When you add this to the below, just where will all of it stop?

It seems few, if any, purveyors of this kind of bull butter ever attempt to look at possible locations which might prove or disprove this and similar “facts,”  because for lazy people, it is not worth the effort.  It is the shock value they seem  after, but they gain a reputation for silliness and ignorance.  That said, it is true there are congressional perks; whether for the members of congress, their staff, other congressional employees, that might cause your toenails to fall off if you suddenly learned the full extent of the benefit “puffs.”  And we haven’t begun mentioned benefits for all federal employees.  The FactCheck article continues with corrections and additions and tries to state the full facts, but in doing so,  actually generate more curiosity over just how much federal government (particularly congressional government components) have managed to bloat out of any semblance of common sense or value received.

You can read the rest of the article from FactCheck if you click here. Don’t forget to access any links set below.

Petty Silliness Promoted To Sublime Pomposity — Just Cleave It

Pork Cuts

Image via Wikipedia

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

How do you explain the absolute silliness of a massive congressional earmark if it is indescribable in ordinary terms?  Sublime pomposity?  Criminal ignorance and disrespect  for the money and resources of others?  Perhaps all of the forgoing would be appropriate.  A $49 billion  earmark seems a bit gigantic to me and I hope to the rest of you taxpaying citizens.  Can we just cut to the story of the congressman who has the audacity to defend such an earmark … “Yes we can!”  I know we have all heard those last three words, but I do not believe we were prepared to interpret them as our acquiescence to blatant robbery by a congress member.  Here’s the story — at least part of it.  From The Southeast Missourian and columnist Mike Jensen:

Rep. Cleaver has proposed a $48 billion earmark

When absurdity gives way to hilarity, you must be talking about politics.

In the midst of a colossal global concern for the economic stability of our great nation, Emanuel Cleaver, Missouri’s 5th Congressional District representative, has one small earmark on his wish list that deserves some attention.

Cleaver has listed a new earmark — one of several — and he promises to “fight for every one.” But this is a whopping $48 billion package that must go down as the grandaddy of all earmarks.

Proposed by a gentleman named Lamar Mickens, president of the not-for-profit Quality Day Campus, the $48 billion earmark would funnel money into the inner cities to give money to the poor and thereby produce a much larger consumer class to buy the goods and services produced in this country.

Just call this redistribution on steroids.

Cleaver’s office says this of the proposal:

“The Epicenter is a proposed estimated $48 billion (Phase One) mass scale urban reclamation project for combating, reducing, reversing and/or eliminating poverty within under served communities by utilizing mass scale economic redevelopment to bring about stability and self reliance.”

This thing just gets sillier and borders on stupid.  Here is a link to the rest of Jensen’s story.  PAY ATTENTION NOW — LOOK BELOW!

The story as Mr. Jensen wrote it seems not true.  Here is a follow-up to Jensen’s story, also from The Southeast Missourian, written by another author (Scott Moyer) :

Kansas City, Mo., Congressman Emanuel Cleaver is defending himself today to the national media, saying a Southeast Missouri columnist’s article that claims he was trying to seek $48 billion in federal funding for an inner-city revitalization project is false.”I think it would be hilarious if thousands of people did not believe it,” said Cleaver, who is serving his third term representing the Fifth District of Missouri in the House of Representatives. “It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever experienced in my years in politics.”

It began on Wednesday, when a column by Michael Jensen of Sikeston ran in the Southeast Missourian, asserting that Cleaver proposed a $48 billion earmark for a project called the Epicenter, an urban reclamation project for revitalizing low-income areas in Kansas City’s inner city.

The project is one of 127 proposals that were submitted to Cleaver via his website earlier this year for fiscal year 2011, which were posted on his website. But he posts every proposal he receives from constituents, he said, and not those that he actually chooses to send to Congressional appropriations committees.

So a sensational story has the kibosh put to it, by all things, an accurate story (we hope.)  We can read the rest of the “accurate” story and see that the congressman still loves pork bellies, pig tails and pig earmarks … just not to the extent to which he was accused by Mr. Jensen and others who ran with the original non-story that made a story in itself.  Here’s a link the rest of the revelatory piece by  Mr. Moyers.

While the above may or may not make a decent story, it should give any writer pause to consider sources and their veracity.  Something I have neglected on occasion as my friends and enemies can attest.

Below is a link which might help explain what Congressman Cleaver’s earmarks were, and what they were not.   But, with a name like “Cleaver,” surely the congressman can find an ear or two in need of marking for a butcher job:

Congressman Cleaver’s Earmarks

Here’s more and don’t forget the links toward the bottom of the page:

Republican earmarks do exist along with other Democrats, and Independents

Did They Truck Them In, Or?

U.S. Congressman (now Senator-elect) Bernie Sa...

Image via Wikipedia

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

We’ll be posting a link to the story of  Senator Bernie Sanders, (I-VT) and his long-lasting solo act, but the partial question above has to do with the many posters on the comment sections under the linked article, that have given the Senator hero status against or over the Co-President Bill Clinton and our current President Barrack Obama AND all the Republicans.  I’m sure you know how to access the comments and I’ll only caution you to remember some of the inconsiderate posters have juvenile potty mouths … so you are forewarned.

As to the link to the story, I’m sorry it has no video.  But I wouldn’t subject you to eight or nine hours of great speeches from our nation’s founding fathers, much less what some would call harrumphing and haranguing  from a seasoned citizen.  A hero to Vermonters and others he may be, and you have to respect him his energy and dedication, whether well placed or off-track, but he should consider his vocal cords and cut the time he spends on his effort to take away tax breaks for those who may need and want them.

The article makes reference to the Senator as “Filibernie,” but I just know someone else will come up with “FullofBernie,” so I’d like to lay claim to the nickname or appellation before someone else grabs it .  That is not to say that he is full of himself, but it signifies that the Senate chambers was full of his speechifying for at least a third of a day.  The article comes from, The Hill’s, BLOG BRIEFING ROOM and it is by Jordan Fabian.  You’ll find it below:

Mr. Sanders Talks, And Talks, And Talks To Washington

Don’t forget the links below.

Is This A Packed Chamber Or Just A Chamber Pot Full Of Nonsense

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Is anyone actually listening to the Senator as he delivers a most boring football story.  I know it is boring AND long because I made the mistake of listening as the story wound down to an egregious use of United States taxpayers time which amounts to a waste of our money.  Six more years of this man’s humdrum speech pattern may finish patience in the Senate gallery and finally tolerance among the American people.

Our thanks for the video shown below goes to Mediaite and our tongue-in-cheek apologies go to the unions and progressives who helped re-elect the man as we torture them with the sound of, not music, but extreme silliness mixed with enough selfish bull butter on the part of the Senator to gag a maggot:

One only has to look to the gavel wielder in charge at the end of the video to realize this is another cruel joke on the American Citizens.


Another Stay-At-Home Congress Supporter

President George W. Bush (right) is greeted by...

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Back on October 9th, we posted an idea floated by others about a stay-at-home congress.  The idea has a lot of merit in these days of virtual workplaces, broadband internet access and a costly out-of-control federal legislature … if particulars can be worked out.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise to us  that Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) would roll-out such an idea.  A POLITICO blog by Jennifer Epstein and a Human Events interview reports on the idea from Jindal, but no real details are offered toward implementing such an efficient congress.  But the devil can’t loom any larger in the details, than he is mischievous and devious in our present flat tire of a system.  Here’s what Jindal has to say in part:

Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal wants members of Congress to stay home more often.

“We used to pay farmers not to grow crops, let’s pay congressmen to stay out of Washington, D.C.,” Jindal said in an interview with Human Events. “Mark Twain said that our liberty, our wallets were safest when the legislature’s not in session.”

As the reader can see there is a link to the Human Events article.  It offers a bit more for those who want to learn more regarding Jindal’s statements in his interview.  And there is a video which lasts almost five minutes which will provide even greater detail:

Here’s the link to our previous blog article (mentioned above) with information on an E-Congress idea.

Thanks to Politico and Human Events as well as Jennifer Epstein and Jason Mattera.

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    The clowns of course.  And many people, after looking at the videos attached to the article found at the link, just below, will conclude all the United States Congress and all the lawyers hired by them and for them are, if not clowns, too funny for words.  You have to watch every video clip to experience the  crocodile tears shed by Mr. Rangel, the statement made of “no corruption,” by Mr. Chisam and his ability to keep a straight face while so doing.

    Here’s to nothing, click the link below:

    Bring In the clowns!

    Saving grace?  To be trite, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.” and to be trite again, “There’s always tomorrow.”  But, don’t expect too much … it isn’t likely they will eat their own.