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Week of March 10, 2013

Dear Charles E.,

Best wishes to you this Sunday from the Republican Party of New Mexico.

This week, our Republican lawmakers have continued the uphill battle of trying to positively reform New Mexico despite Democrat majorities in both chambers.Senate Democrats voted to pass Senate Bill 276, which reinstates straight ticket voting in New Mexico. The bill passed along a straight party vote, with Republicans opposing the measure. There is no doubt that this is a political game, and that eliminating straight ticket voting allows voters to look at each candidate individually and make more informed choices. The bill will now go to the House, and we should all let our Representatives know that this is a bad bill.

Additionally the Senate Rules Committee has continued to delay a vote on confirming Public Education Department Secretary-designate Hanna Skandera. After over seven hours of testimony at the beginning of March and three hours more on Saturday, they have failed to move forward. We can all agree that Secretary-designate Skandera has made positive changes to our troubled education system and deserves confirmation. Call those on the Senate Rules Committee and let them know that it is past time to put aside political ploys and confirm Skandera.

This week, the House saw its share of partisanship as well. On Wednesday, following a Call of the House, Republican Representative Nate Gentry attempted to bring House Bill 606—the driver’s license compromise bill—to the House floor. While a few Democrats helped to vote the bill out of House Labor and Human Resources Committee and House Judiciary Committee, the vote to bring it out of House Appropriations and Finance Committee failed.

On Saturday, Democrats in Appropriations voted against the bill, tabling it once more. This is an issue of public safety and an issue for which many New Mexicans have expressed their concerns. Each year, our efforts to repeal the law that allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses fail because of Democrat opposition. But, it is beyond time for the State Legislature to deal with this issue so that we can move on and focus on other areas of reform.

On a positive note, the House voted unanimously to pass House Bill 36, introduced by Representative Dianne Miller Hamilton. The bill sets up a pilot program using virtual reality therapy to help treat veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This is a great way to help our veterans and show our gratitude for all that they have done to serve our great nation, and we are thankful to Representative Hamilton for bringing forward this legislation.

We are now 6 days away from the end of the session, and we—like many of you—are excited to see what the next 6 days hold. We hope that both sides—and both chambers—can come together to pass legitimate reform for New Mexico families.

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Cliff Notes From Crowder

From jumping off the cliff and everything in between; who has the best solution … Conservatives or Progressives?.  And do Democrats  progressives really know what they believe?

In Recovery — Forge Ahead

The video shown below was sent to us by Ralph Hill.  If you don’t know David Horowitz or Bill Whittle, you have not been looking or listening.  Or, maybe you spend all your time watching the Big Boob Tube.  Your choice of course, but perhaps you might want to wean yourself of MainScream media log enough to watch this video.

Merriment & Mirth For The Future President’s Camp


And nothing but despair for the mainScream media.  John Sununu rules over Andrea Mitchell in this video exchange.  Have a listen and look:

Sununu Helps Mitchell Understand Significant Facts

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Jay Carney’s Actions And Images

From his actions and images as he goes about his days telling whoppers on Obama’s transparency, opaque as it is, it is plain to see that Jay Carney is the reincarnation of Harry Reid. And that is true even though Reid appears as a zombie out in the open and not back in his permanent abode six feet under. Observe Carney’s tightly shut pursed lips and the deer in the headlights puzzlement … each solid attributes of Harry Reid.

This could be the start of a new television series with a cast of Democrat liars and apologists: LYING FOR DOLLARS.

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Where Are The Jobs For Young Black Males

This is the third video installment of Thomas Sowell’s commentary on intellectuals in America.  This time he makes the case that actions by the intelligentsia impacted unfavorably on the employment rate of young black males.

 No Job — Who is responsible

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Harry Reid: Needs To Be Out The Door ASAP

United States Senate election in Alabama, 1996

United States Senate election in Alabama, 1996 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Stephen Miller,

Andrew Logan: 202.228.0575

Sessions: Senate Dem Majority ‘Deliberate And Determined’ To Avoid Tough Budget Votes

The fact is it’s now three years—three years—into the execution of a deliberate and determined policy by the Democratic leadership of the United States Senate to avoid responsibility for the financial future of America. It’s not acceptable for the Senate leadership to not face up to the challenge of our time…


Is it really okay to wait until after the election to vote? Is that what the American expect of us? Are they satisfied that we say, ‘Oh, we can’t take votes close to an election. That might be tough. We don’t want to do that’? I don’t think so.”

Senator Sessions’ Video Remarks


“Cliff Notes” From Docs Opposed to ObaCare

This came to us from Pastor Max Sanchez.

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Candidate Forum For 3rd Congressional District (3/25/12)


Invites You To The Following Event:

The Sandia Tea Party will present a political candidate forum for New Mexico’s Congressional District 3  candidates on March 25th, 2012 from 3-5 PM

Please Access  “Meeting & Events” for a calendar and then click on Sunday the 25th for a map and additional information.

. Out of the five registered candidates, the following (alphabetical order) have committed to appear:

  1. Jefferson Byrd (Republican)
  2. Ben Ray Lujan (Democrat)
  3. Frederick Newton (Republican)
  4. Harry B. Montoya (Democrat)

NOTE: Candidate Sean Clossen has said he “cannot” appear. No reason offered.

We suggest it is important to attend this event whether you live in the district or some other district.  Whatever candidate you favor or might favor can use your support and you can always spread the word to friends unable to attend…

Pelosi: Pants On Fire

President Barack Obama and Speaker of the Hous...

Image via Wikipedia

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 -2011

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

A way with words and charts, Ms. Pelosi might have as long as no one checks the facts.  Thanks to PolitiFact.com we don’t have to do much of the checking ourselves. It was just a couple of months back (May to be specific) when she posted the following on her Flickr account:

Flick Here

The information posted there and here would be quite telling: if it wasn’t telling several bald-faced lies.  PolitFact continues with their information which is, to say the least, quite a quagmire and a bucket of eels to boot:

A reader recently pointed us to a post on the website of MoveOn.org, a liberal group. The post features a bar graph titled, “Who Increased the Debt?” that offers figures for the past five presidents:

Ronald Reagan: Up 189 percent
George H.W. Bush: Up 55 percent
Bill Clinton: Up 37 percent
George W. Bush: Up 115 percent
Barack Obama: Up 16 percent

We can see why a liberal group would tout such numbers, since — if accurate — they offer powerful counterevidence to the claims by conservatives that President Barack Obama has been a spendthrift who’s set the nation on an unsustainable fiscal path.

But the reader who sent it to us was surprised to see the debt increase under Obama was so small. So we decided to check the numbers.

Check the numbers they did and you should check the numbers listed above with the numbers now appearing on Moveon.org.  You’ll see they have been adjusted to reflect the new Pelosi numbers discussed below.  What they found was sloppy fact gathering and questionable investigative techniques.  PolitFact speaks to the data utilized by Pelosi and they point out that the information used does not track well with the actual time served by each president and for that reason is scattered all over the landscape like the product of a calf with the scours.  Here is what they finally settled on after hitting stale information passed on as facts by Pelosi and her inefficient staff:

We quickly discovered the source of the discrepancy: Whoever put the chart together used the date for Jan. 20, 2010 — which is exactly one year to the day after Obama was sworn in — rather than his actual inauguration date. We know this because Treasury says the debt for Jan. 20, 2010, was $12.327 trillion, which is the exact number cited on the supporting document that Pelosi’s office gave us.

However this error happened, it effectively took one year of rapidly escalating debt out of Obama’s column and put it into Bush’s, significantly skewing the numbers.

Using the corrected figures does mean that, superficially at least, Democrats have a point. The debt did still increase more, on a percentage basis, under Bush than it did under Obama. But other problems with the chart and its methodology undercut even this conclusion.

• Time ranges: Bush served a full eight-year term, while Obama had served just 27 months by the time the chart was compiled. If the Obama figure were to be scaled out to a full eight-year period, he’d have a debt increase of 121 percent rather than 34 percent, making his increase greater than Bush’s. To be fair, that would be a simplistic exercise — but no less misleading than the chart.

• Public debt vs. gross debt: Not only did the chart say it was using one statistic and then use another, it also cherry-picked the one that showed the comparison in a more favorable light. According to OMB statistics, public debt rose by 70 percent under Bush, 16 percentage points more slowly than gross federal debt did. And according to the Treasury, the public debt rose by 53 percent under Obama, compared with the 34 percent rise in gross federal debt.

You get the idea and you can get a much clearer picture if you read the complete article.  The bull butter churned up by Pelosi and company is par for the crowd around progressives … nothing new, but go here for the entire article.  We will say that Obama turns out to be the undisputed red ink king.

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