Grandfather Harry May Not Tarry

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The article found below is followed by a link to the complete story which originally appeared in  the Washington Free Beacon.  This excerpt by Daniel Halper appears in The Weekly Standard as a blog.

‘The Grandfather: The Autumn of Patriarch Harry Reid”

Another man might have assumed, correctly, that launching a campaign of insult and insinuation against two billionaires would result in renewed attention to his own finances. Not Harry Reid. The Senate Democratic leader since 2005, and the Senate majority leader since 2007, is not one to reflect before speaking. His mouth runs far ahead of his brain.

In recent years Reid has declared an American war “lost” while our troops still fought overseas; praised President Obama for his “light” skin and “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”; asserted falsely and without evidence that Mitt Romney had not paid any taxes for a decade; and said “Why would we want to do that?” when asked if he would fund cancer research during the government shutdown.

Now, with his majority in danger, his president unpopular, his floor agendaobstructed by members of his own caucus, Reid thrashes about uncontrollably. He calls Obamacare horror stories “untrue.” He says Obamacare numbers are not as high as projected because Americans “are not educated on how to use the Internet.” His Senate Majority PAC launches a $3 million ad campaign tying Republican candidates to two men most Americans have never heard of, two men who, funnily enough, are more popular than Reid.

From the floor of the Senate Reid says these two men, Charles and David Koch, are “un-American,” are trying “to buy America.” Without the terrible specter of the Koch brothers Harry Reid would be disarmed. He has no issue for his Democratic Senators to run on; the minimum wage and climate change are not enough. Nor has he another means of inspiring donors to open their checkbooks. He only has fear, fear of the Kochs, fear of extractive industry, fear of the portion of the elite that favors economic freedom. The Koch brothers, Reid says, “rig the system to benefit themselves.” He should know.

Whole thing here.

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Mitch McConnell: Downhill From Here

The senior senator from Kentucky is deeply concerned about conservative republicans, the tea party and those in-synch with them.  He is running hither and yon attempting to gain traction away from candidates being supported by the aforementioned groups.  In doing so, he looks and sounds like a petulant child unable to bear punishment for the mischief he has created.

Below you can read an article and watch a video serving to explain how he managed to twist himself into the pretzel he has become.

Mitch McConnell … Does He Deserve Repeating His Seat In The Senate

Please follow the related articles below to learn more about Mitch In The Ditch … Particularly about his cave with Dingy Harry and the  two billion kickback for a lock and dam project in Kentucky.

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Harry Reid: Needs To Be Out The Door ASAP

United States Senate election in Alabama, 1996

United States Senate election in Alabama, 1996 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Stephen Miller,

Andrew Logan: 202.228.0575

Sessions: Senate Dem Majority ‘Deliberate And Determined’ To Avoid Tough Budget Votes

The fact is it’s now three years—three years—into the execution of a deliberate and determined policy by the Democratic leadership of the United States Senate to avoid responsibility for the financial future of America. It’s not acceptable for the Senate leadership to not face up to the challenge of our time…


Is it really okay to wait until after the election to vote? Is that what the American expect of us? Are they satisfied that we say, ‘Oh, we can’t take votes close to an election. That might be tough. We don’t want to do that’? I don’t think so.”

Senator Sessions’ Video Remarks


Sandia Tea Party General Meeting (11/13/11)

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Is It 6 or 7 Gimmicks — You Decide

The western front of the United States Capitol...

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 -2011

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Either these two reporters (ELIZA LARSON AND SARAH PARNASS} can’t count or they are a tad gimmicky in their own right.  The two, reporting for ABCNewsPolitics have titled their article, Top Six Washington Budget Gimmicks — Reading Between The Lines,  yet they continue and list 7 rather than stopping their count at six.

While I am sure there is a hidden clue contained in their list of seven,  I will jump out of that contest and just recommend reading their list.  While they may not be entirely correct in their tolling of what is best or even close to best, your bound to be able to discern how real journalist think … or fail to think.

Here’s the link to their list.  See what you come up with.