Your President Plays With Those Who Play God

Anti-abortion activist Lila Rose at the Life A...

Anti-abortion activist Lila Rose at the Life Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As each day ends, it is patently evident our “president,” and those surrounding him, while not really believing in a Christian God, love to assume the role.  This role-playing occurs in this president’s life beginning when he was a senator and continues to this day.  A couple of days ago Obama used God’s name in an attempt to bless Planned Parenthood, one of, if not the largest supporter and provider of late term and other abortion in this world.  Obama’s partners in the murderous mayhem occurring in the bloody houses of horror are the employees and providers dealing in death for babies they abort and death of mothers when the scissors or other tools used to help deal death are utilized wantonly.

It is good we have anti-abortion advocates exposing the callous ways abortion workers deal with the various processes of abortion … from counseling for what to do with babies surviving the butchers’ tools by drowning, snipping, or flushing to make sure the butcher’s job is completed to recruiting more victims in abortion.  One group investigating the lawlessness of many abortion mills is led by Lila Rose.  She and others joining her with,  have been tireless and effective in exposing the law breaking aspects of abortion.  You will find a link just below taking you to narrative and video for their most recent undercover investigations:

Using Undercover Investigations To Uncover Sleaze

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COW (Community On The Way) Awards


This event is sponsored by the Edgewood Chamber Of Commerce.  Please find instructions and a nomination form for your nominee/nominees. You can copy and paste the instructions and nomination form.

2012 Annual COW Awards

for all 2010/2011 Volunteers

Community On the Way

Edgewood, New Mexico

Nomination Instructions

(Eligible applicants will have performed community service in the 2010/2011 calendar year.)

The COW Awards (Community On the Way) recognizes the dedication and hard work of our exceptional community service volunteers. The East Mountains is a great place to live, work and visit thanks to perseverance and community spirit.

A committee within the community from different walks of life will read all the nominations and select the most noteworthy community service volunteer within each of the 5 categories. Selecting the top winners is never easy. Please provide as much detail as possible to help us in the selection process.

The banquet will celebrate all the nominees and honor the final winners with an award on:

Friday, February 3, 2012 at 6:30PM at the Edgewood Middle School Cafeteria.

Everyone should bring their specialty dish for the worlds best potluck dinner.

We will have a special MC and live entertainment.

Please be certain that you include the address and e-mail address for both you and your nominee(s) to ensure everyone receives an invitation.

  1. Nominee(s) must have contributed to the East Mountains during the 2010/2011 year.
  2. Nominee(s) will be considered based on how they contributed to the betterment of the East Mountains.
  3. Nominee(s) must have participated as a volunteer for the community with little or no income received for services.
  4. There is no age limit to the factor of volunteerism.
  5. Nominee(s) may be a youth, an adult, or a group or organization from each of the 5 categories.
  6. All nominations must be received no later than 5:00pm on Friday, January 13, 2012.

Forms should be mailed to following address:

Edgewood Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 457

Edgewood, NM 87015

Forms may also be delivered to the following address Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm

Edgewood Chamber of Commerce (In the library building)

95 Highway 344

Edgewood, NM 87015

E-mail forms to Forms available at

  1. For more information please contact Renee at 506-4900 or Robin at 259-4824.


Volunteerism is the willingness to work on the behalf of the others without the expectation of pay or other tangible gain.

Volunteers make a difference by contributing their time, energy and talents to the causes they hold dear.

olunteers make a difference!

COWAwards-2012 Nomination Form

(For community service during 2010/2011)

1. Nominee:_______________________________

Only one nominee per Nomination form

Phone: ________________________________________

Mailing address: Must include mailing address to be considered


E-mail Address: ________________________________________________________________________

2. Nominee is: Please only check one. Only one nominee per Nomination form.

_____Youth (under 21) _____Adult _____Organization or Group

3. Nominated for exceptional service as: Please only check one

(Must have received little or no income for service provided)

_____Good Samaritan

_____Community Service

_____Education (schools, teaching areas of specialty, 4-H, scouting, etc.)

_____Environment/Conservation (water conservation/ landscaping/ cleanup, etc.)

_____Businesses (How they are involved and contribute to our schools, community, etc.)

4. Nominated by: _________________________________ Phone: __________________________________

Mailing address: _________________________________________________________________________

Must include mailing address to be considered

E-mail address:__________________________________________________________________________

5. How did the Nominee positively contribute to the East Mountains? (Please, more than a couple of sentences and be as specific as possible.):

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(Please attach additional page if necessary)