DEMOS Demonstrate Lack Of Pay Parity


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United States Capitol, Washington, D.C., east front elevation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Democrats love to accuse conservatives of destroying women in varied ways.  I can’t think of a more effective beat-down on women than paying them less than men for performing the same or similar job.

The champs in the area of unequal pay for equal work are none other than the democrats in the U.S Congress:

DEMOS: You aren’t worth a “man’s” pay.

Edgewood & Pine Ridge Politics, Episode XXIX

Barber Shop in Richardson, Texas, circa 1920. ...
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It is a man’s world until woman decides otherwise. The boys were just beginning to really enjoy the new barber shop and getting in the habit of a haircut more often than needed for personal hygiene when the women decided … NOT!

Click here to see how the ladies handled the problem

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