Who Or What Is Bugging Me — Since You Ask, I’ll Tell Thee

A Beatle Bug

A Beetle Bug

by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot, ©2009)

Quote Freely From The Article — Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Politicians that make alliances simply to gain some advantage that will allow them to try their selfish techniques in fights they cannot give up or hope to win in the end.

While, I have specific politicians in mind, it would render very little to name names or kick rears. The individuals I have in mind surely know what they have done and to whom they owe their allegiance … and it is not the public that elected them.

Whether they shave or put on their makeup each morning (or both)  as they look in their mirror, it has to be difficult for them to believe they are the champions they represent themselves to be when they are making their empty promises.

No doubt, you that live in the United States, and especially New Mexico, have been bugged by these people, and I’m not revealing anything to you that is at all new.  I just hope that someday it will be possible, in addition to watching their lips move, to have a way to tell when they lie. Perhaps, they could turn chartreuse or some other color that would be less than pleasing to observe or their tongues could be shocked to silence (no hope for that, I suppose, with the cost of electricity being what it is).

We can have some joy in knowing that their machinations are more and more being found out and even the best prevaricators among the lot can’t hope to remain in office forever (just long enough to gain their selfish agenda).  Meanwhile, we as ordinary citizens suffer with their foolish efforts.

That’s what bugs me today and most days. You’re welcome to bug me even more by posting a response that disagrees with the above. Seriously, have a go, Elmo. I really do  invite your comments because this is mostly cathartic for me and a smidgen more catharsis won’t hurt.

Thanks to http://www.imageafter.com for the bug.

3 thoughts on “Who Or What Is Bugging Me — Since You Ask, I’ll Tell Thee

    • I’m sure there’s some quote from Mark Twain, Will Rogers or other learned soul that would be appropriate, but I have had enough catharsis for this evening. Besides, politicians as a species never change. They are locked on the milk they were weaned on.

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