Whither Goest The Film Industry

by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot, ©2009)

Quote Freely From The Article — Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Since New Mexico has a successful film industry incentive program, at least as reported by some supposedly in the know, it might be interesting to see where we might be going with all these cameras and stages.

There is a very interesting piece regarding all of the above in the Santa Fe New Mexican’s online Pasatiempo written by Robert Nott on April 2nd. If cameras that are turned toward captivating subjects and people happen to turn your eye, then you’ll want to read about what other states are doing to become competitive in the film industry and what New Mexico might have to look at doing to stay on or near the top of the heap. To read Mr. Nott’s article click here  The Big Picture then find the link to The Big Picture on the left side. I would post a direct URL, but the webmaster or someone has “munged” it.

For those who may not know,  several films have been filmed in the Estancia Valley over the past five years and more than a few folks from the area  have been employed in one capacity or another by the film companies or those contracting with them.