Hillary: No, Not, Zilch, Zero, Nil, Negative Chance That

by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009)

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Iran will ever have nuclear weapons. Saying that the United States and others will never allow such to happen, our Secretary of State made statements that seem to have little wiggle room. But, that is what diplomacy operates on … words coined to allow the diplomat to act when the other side blinks. During the same interview, seen here, she also took time to excoriate North Korea and their reticence to get off of the nuclear train and to halt their childish and silly threats.

We have heard these or similar declarations in the past and can only wonder if this is the line drawn in the sand; or is it really a line drawn on a chalkboard, only to be erased. I would guess the latter and more. For one, how can we be sure that Iran has not crafted their first and many more nuclear warheads, or in the alternative their Russian, North Korean or Chinese friends have gratified Iran’s nuclear palate and stocked them up with nuclear warheads. Whose intelligence are we relying on? Would it be ours, the United Nations’, Israel‘s or some other ally. Say an ally that has not been tested under real tight circumstances. Whatever the intelligence and from whence it came, we cannot allow our estimates to be wrong to any degree. Nor, can we just wait and hope that waiting is the right action.

Israel is the one in Iran’s nuclear sights. Iran’s insane leader or leaders have stated so  on several occasions.  Do we continue to pull back on Israel’s reins or do we allow them to protect against certain annihilation when Iran’s President and mullahs push the buttons that will deliver the death.

There’s an old saying: Fish or cut bait. That is exactly what the United States needs to do with Israel and Iran. As to North Korea, they are playing us like a tightly strung guitar. The question might be, do we restring when a string or strings breaks or do we hit their nuclear plants and take them out with what is left of the guitar.

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  1. Good article!. It seems all of the key players in the the Obama adiministration suddenly have been afflicted with diarrhea of the mouth. Sometimes, some things are better off left unsaid!

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