He Just May Be The Perfect Candidate – Not

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009)

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Readers of this blog will recall that I have written certain articles regarding Val Kilmer and his proposed or supposed run for governor of the State of New Mexico. Now comes news that the former Batdude has experienced the wrath of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) through a lien filed against property Kilmer owns in New Jersey.  The lien is substantial and I hope for his sake that there has been some mistake, such as a bookkeeper or a dastardly attorney running away with the money that was supposed to be paid to the IRS on behalf of Mr. Kilmer. If there is not mistake of any kind and the failure to pay the amount owed by Mr. Kilmer is just and falls on his back, I hope they end up placing a lien against the Batmobile AND the Batcave. You can read more regarding the amount and the property the lien is against by clicking  here

Once Mr. Kilmer has his tax issues put to bed, perhaps he can apply for an assistant position for any one of the Obama appointees that have confessed their tax sins. Revelations of delinquent taxes abound in the POTUS administration, so one more episode of ignorance, negligence or downright contempt for the law may not matter to this federal administration.

Failing a federal appointment, there’s enough slipping and sliding and hiring of exempt positions in New Mexico government, that the goobernator of this state could special hire Mr. Kilmer to fill one of the positions that was allegedly frozen in the recent past. Federal stimulus money was not meant for hiring the goobernator’s friends and supporters, but we’re not to tell that to those in Dizzyland (Santa Fe). The way things have gone for six or so years … it just does not seem to matter for many senators and representatives in state government. There are so few that fulfill the duties of their office without expecting some reward in return. There are some senators and representatives that do care and you, yes you, need to watch what is going on around you and support those in government that truly care about your and my welfare. Make it your business to know all you can about every politician that has anything to do with your welfare. And, if you don’t, then shame on you.

I strayed from Mr. Kilmer, but regardless of what happens to his tax issue, forget about voting to place him in any position in government. That’s probably the reasonable thing to do.

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