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If you have attended the Wildlife West Music Festival, in Edgewood, New Mexico for the past six years, you’ll know what a great family event it has been. This years event is guaranteed to be the best ever. Roger Alink, the volunteers and the wonderful young folks who work hard to make the event a success have outdone themselves this year.

In addition to the music and other entertainment, there are new animal attractions this year. Would you like to see an albino raccoon? Wildlife West has one which is doing well under the care of the folks at Wildlife West. Of course, the regular animals that have been seen in the past will be there again this year. What makes Wildlife West uniques among zoos in the United States is that it is the only zoo built by young people. I could go on and on about Wildlife West and its people,animals and grounds, but why not see for yourself.

Just follow this link Wildlife West Music Festival

There will be plenty more happening in the ten years old Town of Edgewood as it celebrates its 10th anniversary with the Run, Rally and Rock event sponsored by the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce. I’ll post more on Run, Rally and Rock later.

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