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Taliban in Herat.
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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009)

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Reports seem to indicate that Pakistani Taliban and probably Taliban in Afghanistan are fighting amongst themselves. The reason, if we can believe the report, is to determine who will be the next leader of the bastard band of destruction.

I would like to see a plan formulated to assist them in continuing their fight against their brothers, so that we can stand back and watch. Maybe they’ll eventually grow so tired, weary and cash poor that the ordinary folk will not have to fear them. The foregoing result would seem to be a far better solution than to try to treat peace with them and watch them turn their weapons toward us in so many ways.

Our senior diplomats and those of other countries seem to believe all you have to do is to offer to place them inside the government and they come home waggin’ their tails and their AK47s behind them.

We have only so many opportunities to get it right. We may have squandered more than we could afford … but, I seem to remember that those so critical of the last administration had the answers to winning in Afghanistan. Now would seem to be a good time to pull the plans out of the flat files and get on with winning.

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Edgewood — Pine Ridge Politics, Part XXIV

The fellas have learned that politics makes strange bedfellows and Abner now know that sometimes the bedfellow can be the one you’re married to. Looks like it is Mrs. Abner Mayor Elizabeth Peabody, rather than Mayor Abner Peabody. Let us see what the new mayor has planned. Will she stick to her “wifely” duties or will they go away?

Mayor Elizabeth Peabody


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