The Swastika, A Political Good Luck Symbol?

By Bob Steiner

Regrettably, there have been many references in  the recent press to the “Swastika” .   I am quite disappointed  to have to point out both major political parties have resorted to using this despicable emblem in an attempt to further their respective goals with regard to the health plan presently being considered by our congress.  Without taking sides on this legislation and the miserable way the parties have handled their legislative duties on this matter, I believe some discussion regarding this demonic emblem is warranted.

Origin:   According to “Google” The Swastika was originated in ancient India by Sanskrit/Hindu adherents. It was believed to be a symbol for “Good Luck”.  In the 1920’s it is believed that a one-time  Swabbian  chicken farmer by the name of Heinrich Himmler had adopted this symbol  as the emblem for the newly formed Nationale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei,  (National Socialist German Workers Party), The Political movement we know as the “NAZI” Party. Due to their racist policies and trying to identify with earlier Aryan  race groups, Mr Himmler and his associates expended large sums of money trying to develop a historical connection to what they regarded as a  “racially-pure” group as a justification for their abhorrent behavior.  Their efforts were to eventually evolve into what became  an  almost pagan religion, among the “elite ” members of the “Nazi hierarchy”.

Any student of twentieth century  history knows well  how this fanatical group ended up.  While they were ultimately defeated, their barbaric acts against the Jews and other European minorities are well recorded.  History has not seen anything more horrific than their actions. For this reason they and all their symbols belong on the bottom of History’s scrap heap and should in no way be resurrected.

Now, as a resident of  Twenty first Century America, I sit in front of my TV and hear members of the Republican Party compare actions of the Democrats with those of the Nazis because of their unseemly offensive legislative action on the Health plan, I am dismayed.  Then I hear the Speaker of the House of  Representatives bring up the Swastika issue and go one step further and refer to the opposition as “Brown Shirts,” a term that the early Nazis were known by, because they wore  surplus (WWI) brown uniform shirts.

Just imagine if you were a concentration camp survivor, or had lost a relative at Auschwitz and had to experience this “reminder” on your TV screen. I do believe that all our elected representatives can do better.

It should be noted that the Federal Republic of Germany enacted legislation in 1949 prohibiting any display of the hated “Hackenkreutz” (German word for “Swastika” ( can also be translated as “Hacking Cross”).  Perhaps it is time that we do the same!

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You Want Us To Believe You, But You Don’t Know Yourself

Photo of a teleprompter displaying text
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by Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Time after time, Mr. President, either you or your handlers get the facts wrong. Only you and your followers can tell us, if you would, if your erroneous ways or the lying words of your followers are intentional or accidental.  Either way, your ineptness is not flattering or acceptable and if you believe what you say when you say it, it really does demonstrate a level of incompetence that should be embarrassing for you and  is rather sad for this country.

Why should we, “the silly skeptics,”  place trust in you to tell it like it is, rather than how you’d like it to be. Just so happens, that it happened again yesterday. Yes, it happened in your townhall meeting of yesterday, when you said that your health plan has the endorsement of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).  You either knew that statement was not true — or you should have known. Perhaps, you were flummoxed by another teleprompter moment.

Hold on a minute, there’s more. It could not have been a slip of the telelip because you repeated the lie in a subsequent statement. Thanks to ABC we, all of us, can read your words as they are reported. Click here Mr. President and you silly skeptics, you need to click too, so you can get the story straight. AARP did not, and has not, endorsed any part of Obama’s desired health plan.

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