Lil’ Evil Weevil Sprouts Again

Buddies Forever

Buddies Forever

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009)

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Just when you thought Senator  Harry “Dingy Harry” Reid had said enough, he calls his constituents and other citizens across the nation evil-mongers and proudly lays claim to the invention of the phrase. If there ever was a politician bent on self-destruction, it is he of the weak voice and weaker fortitude.

In a city where politics is the be all and end all, Dingy has joined with his counterpart in the House of Representatives (Pelosi) and embarked on a peculiar method of showing his rear-end to the entire American electorate and those who are unable to vote for or against him for various reasons. From a congress and a party where some believe it doesn’t matter if you have read the news or the health bill, this sort of diatribe and ill-advised scat-mongering (pun intended) comes as no surprise. In stature and in action, Reid would make an excellent Napoleon were he able to conquer something … anything.

Rancid will be running again in Nevada. A state where any savvy politician dare not rock the voters boat or risk insulting any faction of the political base. He not only, by inference, if by no other manner, has lost the Republican vote, but the majority of those others not aligned with his ilk from the Democrat party.

He is, in my opinion a weak, mean little cretin who might get his comeuppance during the next round of elections for the senate. Meanwhile, observe the stupidity of a running politician by reading Reid as he calls those who exercise their right to object and protest, evil-mongers. Click here

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    • Harry always seems as though he just finished eating persimmons and the Princess always look like she had an ample supply of prunes. That’s my observation and I’m sticking to it.

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