Promise Kept, Promises Broken & Promises Not Acted On

Makes Points -- Misses Goals?

Makes Points -- Misses Goals?

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

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Obama and his promises are not converging to a common point … not even close to it. When he campaigned for his present position, he issued over 500 promises or, if one prefers, statements of intent. It is one thing to promise something you can deliver; quite another when you have no intent or capability to fulfill a promise which will allow an accomplished goal (see image).

The issues we all should be worrying about are: which promises he knew he could not deliver, which promises he could not deliver and should have known he could not deliver (but didn’t know due to being naive and silly — and those he just lied outright about for votes. Those citizens who were blinded by the light, deserve what they are not getting simply because they, just as their messiah, were naive.

For those of you who still feel you have to worship a mortal soul, here’s some calming statistics to demonstrate what he has accomplished, what he has not accomplished AND if you can sort out the fluff and stuff, what he will never accomplish. Click Here

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