Continuing To Stalk The Wild Option Or Pie In The Sky

Gibbs: Look, a plane, a plane. Obaama: No a plan, dummy!

Gibbs: Look! A plane, a plane! Obama: No a plan, a plan, dummy!

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

While Robert Gibbs seems to know not of what he speaks and seems wholly out of touch with his master; others say that the Artful Dodger (Obama) is still on track for a public option plan. What silly junk and you can read about it here Silly Junk

That’s my take on the article and the same thing would apply for a soon to be story on the  Dems reported intent to, “go it alone.”  There simply are not enough Dems to twist this one through without removal of the public option plan as it it now contructed.

Some good thinking Democrats have put forward suppositions regarding some fashion of cooperatives which would be governed by regions within a State, states themselves or regions within a larger geographic area.  The farther away a health program can be from a federalized program, the better the chance that it will succeed.

Surely, Obama, Pelosi, Reed, et al, do not expect the furor to die down if they continue on their present misguided tour of everything out of its place. Some advice, three guys … give us something we can swallow instead of a placebo or a bitter pill.

This just in from The Washington Post, CLICK IT AND this CLICK IT

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