I Believe You Will Do Yourself A Favor

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

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That’s right. In my opinion, you’ll do yourself, your children and your nation a favor if you’ll allow your children and yourself to hear or read the President’s speech scheduled for tomorrow.

WWII Ration Stamps

WWII Ration Stamps

I came from a family that was poor … I do mean poor. What saved us as far as food is concerned, is that although my father worked for a dollar a day during World War II,  he worked on a farm and we were provided a cow that we milked, and a pig a year that we butchered for meat and other  home rendered products. Oh yes, the government ration stamps. We had those, as did most everyone, except possibly the very affluent.

My father completed the fourth grade, my mother the eighth grade and neither of my brothers nor myself completed high school. My brothers and I received our GED certificates after we left our family home. I completed mine after I entered the Marine Corps … my brothers after they entered the workforce and started their families.

Our father and mother did the best they could, given the circumstances of the time, and they are responsible for the work ethic I have enjoyed during the course of my working life. They kept me well-clothed and well-fed while they were responsible for my upkeep. Missing from their contribution to my brothers and myself was an effort to instill in us the necessity for a serious education.

We had no television or radio, except for a battery operated radio, until we moved to a small community that had electricity. Even then, there was scant opportunity to hear or see inspirational talks or speeches, such as exist today.

I have read the President’s speech and if he presents it without change, I count it a very serious speech that offers inspiration, a path to responsibility, success and pride of nation that is sorely missing among some of our young folks. In fact, I believe we could say many of our active students and those who have dropped out of school or mainstream society are missing or have never found those qualities.

If you are a serious reader of my articles, you know that I am not, in the main, a supporter of President Obama. This is not about me, except remotely, it is about those children that are missing one or more components to lead them toward success. They have many years to see and many miles to travel, while I and many like me, are running out of years, miles and even dreams. The best that we may be able to expect is that our dreams are poked inside our youth’s backpacks and carried along, and finally to be taken out so that this nation will forever be a reason to strive.

So toss the judgmental stuff aside. At least long enough to read the speech. Then I hope you’ll allow your children to hear the speech, read the speech or have it read to them.

Here it is. President Obama’s Speech

If you disagree with my assessment of  Obama’s remarks remember that previous presidents have offered similar advice to students and without all the controversy.

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