Representative Heckel Becomes Mr. Hide

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009).

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I did not listen to the President’s speech this evening as I had intended to read about it later. I picked up this Associated Press article through Yahoo and it made me think that I was in England reading on the acidity of their Parliament. What makes this one bad is the South Carolina lawmaker later said, in effect, he lost control of his civility. It is probably a good thing that he wasn’t using his kidneys to demonstrate his lack of control.
If one is going to protest statements made by the POTUS in a nationwide setting, it would be wise to know about what one is talking. Outburst such as were made in this case only hurts valid arguments against the health plan as presently proposed

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2 thoughts on “Representative Heckel Becomes Mr. Hide

  1. So I guess if a representaive in congress says the President has lied, he has to apologize (and rather quickly,too).

    By the way I can’t seem to recall the President ever apologizing to the Cambridge, Massachusetts police department and that incident happened more than a month ago. I guess he will do it in a “timely” manner?

    Princess “Nancy” is also way overdue with the apology she owes the CIA.

    Can’t we all just get along?

    • Nope, but it would be nice if he knew what he was saying and not something that he has heard. Of course, you could say that once Obama and congress makes all of the illegals legal, the “you lie” statement will be true.
      Another related issue is with Dingy Harry calling G.W. Bush a liar and and idiot and not a single Democrat called him out.

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