A Time When Tuff Ain’t Enuff

David Plouffe @ Convergence 2009
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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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According to a report in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and more than likely, other such media, POTUS has stated his readiness to get tough.  I suppose, getting tough is the opposite of bipartisanship.  Bipartisanship, which is really what he promised, but passed by on his and the Democrats quick trips to cap and trade and the health care bill.

A lesson learned and then unlearned is the same as a lesson never learned and it appears that the lesson taught behind the woodpile of recent events in Massachusetts is already forgotten.  That is, if members of Mr. Obama’s team mean what they have been quoted as saying in the WSJ:

Coming off one of the most difficult weeks of his presidency, Barack Obama has beefed up his political staff and is expected to deliver an uncompromising State of the Union address. Aides said Sunday that the White House wasn’t making any abrupt policy shifts, even as the message was retooled to focus more sharply on job creation.

David Axlerod, one of Obama’s hot rods, is now trotting out the old tired excuse, that everything wrong today can be laid in the lap of the previous administration:

…They’re falling behind. That’s been true for a decade. They look at a wave of irresponsibility from Wall Street to Washington that led to that. And those were the frustrations that got the president elected in the first place …

White House staffers say that David Plouffe, the President’s former campaign manager, is  being brought in to pull things together … apparently after they were ripped apart by the stubbornness of the Democrats and the President himself. But, judging from Plouffe’s statement gleaned from his writing in today’s Washington Post, he is just as ham-handed and wrong-headed as the people who hired him.  Assuming he was hired to pull the President back from the brink of failure, his words, instead push Mr. Obama over the cliff of disaster:

Writing in Sunday’s Washington Post, Mr. Plouffe said Democrats need to quickly pass a broad health overhaul, get serious about job creation even as they tout the impact of last year’s stimulus package, turn up the heat on Republicans over the deficits incurred in the Bush years, and stop grousing about the political climate.

The deficits incurred in the Bush years were, to a large degree, the work of Barney Frank and others working with him, when they refused to rein in Fannie and Freddie.  Not only that, but in case they haven’t realized it, the Democrats have gnawed that bone through and it did little to quell the outcry of those who actually believed Mr. Obama could deliver.

The Republicans cannot afford to give any respite to the left and they need to forge ahead and attack when this administration continues in their effort to leave a trail of broken promise.  But they also need to work across the aisle when they are given an honest and sincere opportunity to actually solve this nation’s problems.  Such opportunity is not likely given the first year of this administration’s and this congress’ examples.

Wasn’t Mr. Plouffe responsible for leading the call for all the fluff and stuff that this administration has so far failed to deliver. You can read the Republican’s thoughts on the current state of Mr. Obama’s efforts and Mr. Plouffe’s call for Mr. Obama to govern with guts if you click here.

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