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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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I had not heard of  The Virtual Wall® until yesterday, when a Marine veteran

Faces Of Freedom

friend sent me the link, to the website.  I have visited The Wall in our nation’s capitol and can only say that I had to stop several times as I walked the length of the The Wall to wipe the tears away and offer my thanks through silent tribute for the sacrifices given by those thousands of heroes represented there.

Now, as I will tour The Virtual Wall®, I am sure I will repeat the tears and the tribute.  I believe the person that started this beautiful and honorable site somehow knew that it would develop into memorials for individuals which would be treasured by the families, loved ones and dear friends of those who gave everything in a far distant land.

My purpose in posting this short article is to publicize the site in the hope that many more folks with blogs and websites will see fit to do the same.  Much of what I might say, were I more elegant in style and eloquent of word, has already been said in outpourings of love and appreciation.  I am taking the liberty of copying and posting the links to such information, along with links to other parts of the website, which will prove valuable to visitors to The Virtual Wall®.  Please check below for links of interest:

Please follow the links and any others which may be placed on the above pages as they are visited.

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2 thoughts on “The Virtual Wall

  1. Great job Chuck. This should help spread the word that all of this information is available. It’s a real tribute to those who gave their all and hopefully a comfort to their loved ones.

    Semper Fi.

    • Gene, thanks for letting me know about The Virtual Wall. It is much more than I expected before I visited.

      Semper Fi,

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