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Today we learn from the New Mexico Business Weekly that there is now a database for the over 6000 nonprofits in New Mexico.  The completed project is the result of work by the Center For Nonprofit Excellence and partial funding for the Con Alma Health Foundation.

The directory is provided for the use of those wishing to volunteer or donate to nonprofits.  It is also to be used by nonprofits to connect to other nonprofits for cooperation and collaboration. If you belong to a nonprofit which is not currently in the directory, you can add your information at the website.

Altogether, the  directory appears to be a comprehensive resource which can be searched by New Mexico’s regions, counties and municipalities AND by mission of the nonprofit through keyword searches.

This resource can also act as a verification database as to the validity of  a nonprofit’s solicitations.

Check this one out: click here John Weckerle at NM-Central posted it in his comment.

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