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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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We wonder how the demonstrators in this video think the loudness and their communist fliers and “Si se puede¡” chants help their cause.  It is difficult to tell, but it really appears they could be saying, “Yes they can!”  They can take over this country.  We have to think about how long it might be before this country would be morphed into another Mexico were that to happen.

It looks like the targets will be the same as always.  The Mexico they love, i.e., love to escape, or the United States they hate, but love to live in.  Mind boggling is what I’d call it.  They insult and attack a host country in which they have stolen residence, and in some cases that which happens to be the birthplace of their citizen children who anchor their bodies, but cannot quiet their screaming maws and minds.  Because they … at least some,  have not planned well when they did not plan to birth children.

So, we truly do, as Cool Hand Luke said,  ” … have a failure to communicate.”  A failure of language and a failure of common will.  This kind of action (your demonstrations and insults to the citizens of the United States) will continue.  You’ll laugh at your insults and throw more bile and finally–what?  Whatever “what” may be, it shall not be glorious,  or deal any satisfaction to those that reside here without legal status.

Now for your entertainment or disgust, here is another video of demonstrators, doing what misguided demonstrators do.

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