Matthews Loves, er Likes Limbaugh

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Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

And, here below is the proof.  We’ve often suspected a certain jealousy as the cause of rage sometimes exhibited by Chris, but now it seems possible, that it might be a true admirer’s envy … one step below jealousy, perhaps.  Chris let it out of the bag as he discussed the Clintonian excuse — make that alibi, in the Sestak  crawl-along, as reported on Mediaite.

Chris Matthews knows how to tip his hat to an adversary for a job well done. After making him one of Hardball’s chief villains, Matthews played a clip of Rush Limbaugh last night taking a stab at Bill Clinton for his involvement in the Joe Sestak White House job case, and chuckled to himself, “even he can get it right sometimes.”

See, it’s that chuckling to himself that tells the story.  If he isn’t a tad delusional, then he has to be in love or in a lot of like.  But, the best part, whether you believe he is an entertainer or a royal pain in the harbinger, is Russ L’s part, which you can see by accessing the complete article to click on the video.

What’s next … a Caribbean cruise.

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