Vandals Accused Of Hitting Pro-Life Advocate Facilities

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According to, Pro-Life advocates in Dubuque, Iowa and Albuquerque, NM suffered at the hands of vandals:

Dubuque, IA ( — Pro-abortion vandals have hit pro-life advocates in two states — Iowa and New Mexico. In the former, a member of Dubuque County Right to Life was victimized by having his property spray-painted with pro-abortion graffiti; in the latter, a pro-life group’s truck and the home of its driver were pelted with eggs.

The damages were not serious, but there were some curious occurrences that might give one pause to wonder.  In the instance of the Iowa vandalism the reporter seemed to make the victim the local pro-abortion group:

Regarding the Iowa case, the local Dubuque newspaper has attempted to turn the obvious attack on a pro-life activist’s home into a pro-life conspiracy to insult Planned Parenthood.

At first, the Dubuque Telegraph Herald refused to publish the story about the vandalism. Then, the newspaper’s editor made it appear pro-life advocates made up the incident.

Blogger Jill Stanek reveals that e-mail communications and phone calls to the paper’s editor, Brian Cooper, show that his opinion was that the vandalism was conducted by a covert pro-lifer or someone without a view on abortion who was trying to make Planned Parenthood look bad.

In the Albuquerque case, there is some indication that the acts were discussed prior to the event’s execution:

Perhaps not coincidentally, on June 11, 2010, a 17-year old pro-abortion blogger named “Clay” complained about the truck, which bears graphic abortion images, and discussed possible responses.

“What should we do? Chain someone to their door? Egg their vehicles?” he wrote.

We are sure there will be more developments regarding the events in both cities.  Meanwhile for those wo didn’t catch it, we mentioned that Albuquerque might be on its way to becoming the Late Term Abortion Captiol (click link) with the arrival in Albuquerque of abortionist Curtis Boyd and his helpers. Here’s a link to the complete story (click.) There are other links to peruse at the post and the image above is provided by Mathew Moorhead and it depicts. the March For Life, January 2009 in Paris.

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