We Hear Some, But We Seldom, If Ever, Hear The Fourth

By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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Our National Anthem is just that …  ours.  It will never belong to others except in their dreams to become one more of us.  That is what makes us unique as one of my friends posting on another article here has pointed out.  We are a nation of “ones.”  A huge amount of ones, hopefully united, seeking common goals, but if not united, at least resolute as individuals. Resolute and honorable, never to see our Nation subside from the wonderful Republic it has been and will be in the future, if we keep our focus on our unique heritage and being, given to us by 56 men, signers of a document, that placed them in grave peril … our Declaration Of Independence.

We all know, or should, that our Star Spangled Banner came many years after our Declaration Of Independence.  At a time and in a war that most thought would surely be the end of our experiment with extreme ideas.  An end which would never allow our small army to gather together again to defeat those who oppressed us as individuals and as a new “free” government.  Those who thought thus did not consider the true nature of our Constitution or the strong men who spent their time to bring it to final form, aside from some future amendments.

Today was a great day to celebrate our freedom and to work to guarantee that we gain back those notions in our Constitution that have been depleted and  watered down by foolish legislation which we have failed to challenge in the past. I can’t do it and you can’t do it.  We are two single people.  But, with the help of our brothers and sisters, those  millions of ones who have not awoken to the danger arrived and the danger to come, the path will straighten and our course will set toward the prize.

As a small token of respect for all our honorable service men and women who now serve and have served, I ask you to listen to the “fourth.”

After, hearing the verse sung above, if you didn’t know better, you would think you had enjoyed the second verse of our Star Spangled Banner.  Of course you’ve heard the fourth verse in the video and not the second as stated by the Marine (remember, once a Marine; always a Marine.)

Now that you’ve heard the Marine you might be interested in some work said by many to be by Isaac Asimov.  The story is cited on many websites.  If there is a challenge to the story, I have not found it, and must apologize for my ineptness.  No matter, enjoyment of Asimov’s story will make up for my failure.  You can read the story by clicking on the link just below:

Asimov’s Star Spangled Banner Story

Please comment if you find evidence that Asimov’s  “personal” account is untrue or wrongly attributed.