Remember The Huge Flap In The VA Under Bush

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We are talking here about the state of disrepair and other deficiencies at Walter Reed Army Medical Center while President Bush was still in office.  The main stream media had a cow and a couple of chickens overworking themselves to expose Bush’s culpability.  We aren’t saying Bush was absent of negligence.  He was the Commander In Chief (CIC) and has to accept that whatever went wrong under his command was directly or indirectly his responsibility.

Now we have a new CIC and a new Veterans Affairs Secretary, Eric Senseki, along with a fresh scandal involving up to 2000 veterans.  This time the veterans may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis because of lax or non-existent sterilization processes.  The story was first reported by AP’s Jim Salter four days ago.  In the first paragraph of his report, Mr. Salter wrote:

ST. LOUIS — The Veterans Administration said Thursday that the chief of dental services at a St. Louis VA Medical Center has been placed on administrative leave after the hospital urged nearly 2,000 veterans to return for blood tests because inadequately sterilized equipment may have exposed them to viral infections during dental procedures.

Secretary Senseki has promised to conduct his own investigation over what went wrong, but members of the Veterans
Affairs Committee have begun their own inquiry into the matter.  In a report today from The Hill’s, The Blogging Room, and in article by Russell Berman it was said:

The Democratic chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee lambasted the Obama administration over its handling of an incident at a St. Louis VA center in which more than 1,800 veterans were told they may have been exposed to HIV.

“It’s outrageous, one, that this happens, but even worse is this secretive, almost cover-up mode that they go into when something like this happens,” Rep. Bob Filner (D-Calif.) said on CNN Monday.

The faulty procedures believed  the cause of the exposures were discovered over three months ago in March.  This delay has further angered  Representive Filner who expressed his opinion that it is disgraceful that Senseki was not informed of the problems until last week.

In closing the article went on to say:

Filner said the “only way you can get accountability is if there is someone who actually pays a price for this,” although he did not explicitly call for Shinseki to be fired.

The Veterans Affairs Committee is holding a hearing on the issue next week.

Here is the full AP article and here is the full The Hill Blogger article.

It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.  God Bless and protect the veterans who may have been exposed to potential infections.

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