Count And The Amount Of The Scholarships Meted Out To Representative Johnson’s Kin And Associates

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson

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The Dallas Morning News first report on the scholarships wrongly granted to family members of Dallas, Texas United States Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson was filed this past Sunday.  Now the reporter,  Todd J. Gillman, has filed an update with more information:

WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson awarded eight scholarships last year to her grandsons and a top aide’s children – bringing to 23 the number of awards she handed out since 2005 in violation of Congressional Black Caucus Foundation eligibility rules.

The Dallas Morning News reported Sunday that over the last five years, the Dallas Democrat has awarded up to $20,000 in 15 scholarships to two grandsons, two great-nephews, and aide Rod Givens’ children between 2005 and 2008. The 2009 awards – reflected in a previously undisclosed list provided Monday by the foundation – push that above $25,000.

The representative says  she is not ashamed to have helped, but if any rules were broken by her, said breaking of rules was not intentional.  A thin story, but we’ll allow her statement, but still count it as a giant FAIL of the ethics category … since she certainly should have known.  She goes on to say she will make restitution by this weekend and will take steps to insure such will not repeat.

The representative said that had more students outside her family and close associates’ families been available to receive a scholarship, she might not have pick relatives with which to grant scholarships.  Nonetheless,  she did and others have plenty to say about her lack of attention to rules.  You can read the rest by clicking here.

Health Department Reports First Two Cases Of West Nile Virus In 2010 For NM

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The New Mexico Business Weekly in a report dated August 27th announced that the New Mexico Health Department has announced the first two cases of West Nile virus for 2010:

In one case, a 67-year-old woman from San Juan County was diagnosed and hospitalized with neurological symptoms, the more severe form of West Nile virus.

A 47-year-old woman from Doña Ana County also had a positive West Nile test when she donated blood. Later, she developed mild symptoms. She has recovered.

You can read all of the story here to determine symptoms and precautions.  And you can click here for health department fact sheets in English and Spanish.

Second Annual Wings Across America At Wildlife West (9/11/10)


The second annual White Wings across America event will be held at Wildlife West Nature Park on September 11, 2010 in honor and memory of the police and fire rescue personnel that sacrificed their lives and/or service to our nation in time of great disaster. White doves will be released simultaneously all over America. Please join us for this event.

Thanks, Roger Alink, Founder and Executive Director

AGENDA- Saturday September 11, 2010

9-11 ceremony at Wildlife West Nature Park- Free admission all day

Ceremony at the Falcon Theater

9AM to 9:50 AM -Patriotic Music and police and fire units set up at falcon field –

10AM -Simultaneous Nationwide Dove release

10:05 AM –Comments by Mark Chavez- Fireman on Site at 911 aftermath

10:15 AM –Comments by Edgewood Police Chief James T. Daniels

10:25 AM- Prayer by Police Chaplain

Snacks, social time and free park visitation all day

2009’s Wings Across America At Wildlife West


Image by Roger Holden

Students For Life Of America Team With Wilberforce Leadership Fellows

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone’s editor, Steven Ertelt reports Students for Life of America (SFLA)  has joined with Wilberforce Leadership Fellows Program (WLFP) to train pro-life students who will become adult leaders in the pro-life movement:

“The vision of the Fellowship is to equip and further train student pro-life leaders to form national and state leaders that will help end abortion in our lifetime,” the organization says.

Last weekend, at the SFLA national headquarters, the pro-life group welcomed the 2010-2011 class and the students heard from David Bereit, the national coordinator of the 40 Days for Life program. They participated in seminars on the history of the pro-life movement, pro-life apologetics, how to build and cultivate pro-life campus groups.

“These students are the rockstars of the campus pro-life movement,” Kristan Hawkins, the head of SFLA, told

The Wilberforce Fellows will work with the students throughout the 2010-2011 school year to develop their knowledge of pro-life issues and career opportunities within the movement:

Throughout the 2010-2011 school year, each of the Wilberforce Fellows will be participating in a pro-life leadership training program to help them build their campus groups and to become better leaders.

The Fellows will be reading various books and articles on leadership, listening to webcasts and seminars on leadership in the pro-life movement, and will be meeting and talking with mentors on a regular basis. Each Wilberforce Fellow has been paired with a national pro-life leader to help them get the training and experience they need to start a career in the pro-life movement.

Additional information regarding the students, their schools and the Wilberforce Fellows to work with them, please click here.

This link will take you to the web site for Students for Life of America.

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Burp! Can Oil Eating Bacteria Gorge Enough To Clean Deepwater’s Deep Water

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

That may be the story told by Nature Magazine’s, Blogs / Not Exactly Rocket Science in a post by Ed Yong an award-winning science writer.  Mr. Yong actually reports on the study findings by another science investigator.  Mr. Yong can tell you about the investigator and most of his developed information:

In the Gulf of Mexico, nature’s janitors are hard at work, mopping up the aftermath of a man-made disaster. On 20 April, 2010, an explosion at the Deepwater Horizon rig unleashed the largest oil spill in US history. Now, a team of American scientists led by Terry Hazen have shown that just a month or so after the incident, a microscopic clean-up crew had already started to digest the mess.

Could these microbes set themselves upon a course toward development of a microbial black tummy disease, or is the gnawing away at oil balls old hat for the tiny creatures.  It (the gnawing) does seem normal for more than one group of bacteria:

The ocean is home to many groups of bacteria that can break down the chemicals found in crude oil. Some, like Alcanivorax, are oil-eating specialists that are usually found in low numbers, only to bloom when oil spills provide them with a sudden banquet. That’s exactly what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico. Hazen has found that these oil-eaters have swelled in number in the contaminated waters.

At least one scientist measuring the oxygen levels at and around the area covered by the oil plume decided that the relatively high level of oxygen found was an indication that creatures could live in the area, but it also meant, that there was not a likelihood that oil-crunching microbes were not at work.

Hazen and his folks did not limit their investigation to oxygen level measurements.  According to Yong’s post they looked for evidence of microbes in the study area.  And, Hazen’s group found that the oxygen levels inside the plume area were slightly depressed, but they found about twice as many bacteria in the area:

Sixteen groups of bacteria were enriched within the plume, particularly the Oceanospirillales (a group that includes Alcanivorax who we’ve already met). All sixteen groups have members that can digest the hydrocarbons in oil and can do so in very cold environments where most bacteria would grind to a halt. These plume bacteria were genetically distinct from those outside and no factor except the presence of oil – not temperature or salinity or pressure – could account for this split.

While the feasting sounds like all good news, the post continues to say, there are some components left that cannot be consumed by the tiny diners and there is certainly no suggestion that 4.1 million barrels of oil deposited in the Gulf of Mexico can ever be beneficial.

You may click here for the rest of the article along with some links.

Sustainable Land Use Development Plan — Santa Fe County (Outside Incorporated Areas)

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Melissa Holmes

Santa Fe County Planning

(505) 995-2717 Fax 820-1394

CDRC Recommends Approval of Sustainable Land Development Plan (SLDP) to Board of County Commissioners

Santa Fe – August 27, 2010- The County Development Review Committee (CDRC) held a Special Meeting Thursday, August 26th and provided a recommendation on the final draft of the Sustainable Land Development Plan (SLDP) after holding the 10th Public Hearing on the plan. The CDRC unanimously approved a recommendation to move the SLDP forward with recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC).

A Special BCC study session on the SLDP is scheduled for September 14, 2010 at 9 a.m. in the County Commission Chambers. The study session will allow the Board an opportunity to review the plan, plan recommendations, and outstanding issues. The Board will also hold a Public Hearing on the SLDP. Additional Public Hearings on the SLDP will be scheduled after the study session.

The SLDP Draft, along with the CDRC presentation and the packet material presented at the August 26th meeting, is available at under Hot Topics click the “Revised Sustainable Land Development Plan” link.

For further information about SLDP or upcoming meetings, you may also contact Planning Manager Robert Griego, (505) 986-6215 or email

ECOC Friday Blast For 8/27/2010


Friday Blast
Run Rally Rock!
Run Rally Rock starts TOMORROW, August 28 at Wildlife West in Edgewood!
We still have room for 5K runners. You can register online, at Wildlife West, or just show up. The cost is $20 per runner. Registration begins at Wildlife West at 7 am on Saturday morning. Be there to get your numbers and t-shirts and be ready to go when the race starts at 8 AM! Runners are treated to pancake breakfast afterward!
Pancake breakfast is 8:30 – 10. Knights of Columbus is preparing at the Amphitheater at Wildlife West. If you are NOT a runner, you may purchase your breakfast for only $4 for adults, $2 for children. They’ll be serving juice and bacon with the pancakes!
Parade lineup begins at 7 am at the Elementary School. We’ll roll out the parking lot at 9am.
Vendors may set up beginning at 5 pm today or at 7 am on Saturday. The show starts at 10 and runs until 4 or 5. We do still have room for you! You may participate Saturday OR Sunday or BOTH. Information only $50 for 1 day, $75 for 2 days, Product sales $75 for 1 day, $100 for 2 days. We are not taking any more food vendors.
You may go to the Chamber page to register to run, vend, or participate in the parade. You may visit the same page if you wish to sponsor the event in any way!
I hope to see you there even if you are not a vendor…Let’s support and encourage our local businesses.
Tri-Chamber Golf Tournament
The Annual Tri-Chamber Golf Tournament is just around the corner…Thursday September 9, 2010.
This magnificent event will be held at Paa-Ko Ridge Golf Club. Paa-ko Ridge is the most highly acclaimed golf course to ever open in NM.
We are still have room for Turquoise and Advertising Sponsors, Hole and Tee Sponsors, and individual and team players.
Check out the website to learn everything in store and about sponsorship levels.
Note and Reminder
NOTE:   Be on the lookout for two special emails next week.  One talks about the changes that are taking place within the Chamber and how they benefit you. The other talks about a new polling system that we will use to allow the Members to express their opinions on particular issues.
REMINDER:  We would like to find a meeting room approximately 800 square feet for evening meetings. It will need access to tables and chairs as well as high speed internet. If you have an idea or have space to DONATE for this purpose please contact the office between 11 and 3 Monday through Friday by calling 505-286-2577. Or you may send an email.
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call the office (505-286-2577) 11 am – 3 pm Monday through Friday!
Make it a great week!
Sheri Cox
PO Box 457, Edgewood, NM 87015, USA

Special Olympics Equestrian Area 5 Competition


Special Olympics Equestrian Area 5 Competition

Another Great Show!!!!

If you couldn’t make it out to the Special Olympics Equestrian Area 5 Competition…you missed a GREAT time my friend! Good food…and good-er folks.

Lonnie and Pattie Wright did a wonderful service to the community by donating their arena for this event. These special athletes were allowed an exceptional experience in the comfort of an indoor arena, because of the Wrights. Thanks!!

Competition opened when our American flag was displayed from horseback by Marteen Wiggins, a Curley Key Rider from Corrales. Roy Dennis sang our National Anthem as we proudly rose in tribute to the greatest country in this world.

Roy was one of 34 volunteers representing Valley View Christian Church in Edgewood. Our judge, Linda Threet shared her expertise from a generous heart. Stanley’s own; Sam James contributed his years of horse savvy as a faithful volunteer, too. These volunteers gave time from their lives, so these athletes could have the time of their lives.

The Rockin’ Wranglers from the south valley of Albuquerque and the Curley Key Riders from Corrales excitedly entered the arena in anticipation for the coming day of competition. And I gotta tell ya, they weren’t disappointed.

We ran 15 riders from four divisions through six events. They showed off their horses in a Showmanship at Halter class; with Lance Robinson, Paul Garcia, Phil With, Amelia Ann Dickey, and Van Pexa taking first in their divisions.

Stock Seat Equitation gave Jessica Chavez, Paul Garcia, Phil With, and Van Pexa the opportunity to shine as first place winners.

Bar-B-Q from Shorty’s was served for lunch with the trimmings. Good stuff!! Can’t forget the ice cream we consumed in the afternoon as a refreshing treat.

Then, new comer, Eric Serna took first in his division in Working Trails, showing his stuff. While former International contestant, Esteban Lujan took first as a level C Independent rider; Phil With took another first as a B Independent rider. Andrew Hosier, trying his hand as an A rider, showed himself worthy by taking home a first place.

In the remaining events; Figure 8 Stake Race, Pole Bending and Barrel Racing; Jessica, Paul, Andrew, Lance, and Phil shared the first place spot light with Lyndara Holmes and Marteen Wiggins.

Hindsight shows the Rockin’ Wranglers taking home 16 first place ribbons while the Curley Key Riders pocketed 7 first place. But these are only numbers on a piece of paper because the greatest award was being there to see the enormous smiles on their faces as they glided out of the arena after each ride. Or witnessing the heartfelt slap on the back, congratulating their competitor for a great ride. Oh Yeah…that’s where it’s at!!

Gotta say; judging from the volunteer’s remarks this is a common consensus. Great time, serving awesome people with good food and good-er folks.

See ya next year?? We’ll be looking for ya.

Steve and Cathy Brunson

Event Organizers

Sell A Vote = Bad, Sell An Endorsement; Not So?

Unofficial seal of the United States Congress

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

We all know that lobbyists, in effect, if not directly, contribute money for favorable treatment from a member, or members of Congress.  Payments where there is no question as to the intent, i.e., buying a vote or votes are against the law.  But, how about a Congressperson soliciting and then accepting money for a political endorsement by the Congressperson.  According to the Sunlight Foundation, in a blog article by Lindsay Young.  the latter is just what at least one member of Congress  is doing,  and she  has done so in earlier years:

Longtime Democratic lawmaker Maxine Waters has perfected an unusual tactic for fundraising over the years – getting candidates, including some of California’s most prominent political figures, running for state and local offices, to pay as much as $45,000 for her endorsement on election mailers. In this election cycle alone, Waters has raised 59 percent of her campaign’s treasury through these “slate mailers.”

What’s more, according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) says it is perfectly legal, although many, if not most of the payments surpass the amount allowed under FEC authority.  Purchasers for Ms. Waters’ endorsements are numerous and run the gamut from municipal candidates or causes to congressional candidates and  other causes:

Waters, who has been in Congress for more than three decades, routinely sends out mailers endorsing a list of other candidates and ballot initiatives she supports. In the 2010 cycle, she has raised more than $295,550 out of a total of $497,300 through these mailers. And getting on one of her slate mailers doesn’t come cheap—to be featured on the “Citizens for Maxine Waters” slate, candidates pay anywhere between $250 and $45,000.

Friends of Barbara Boxer, the campaign committee for Sen. Boxer, D-Calif., paid $5,000 for an endorsement. Gloria Romero, the former Senate Majority Leader running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, chipped in $25,000. Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco and a candidate for lieutenant governor, and Kamala Harris, San Francisco’s district attorney and a candidate for state attorney general, have kicked in $45,000 and $25,000 respectively. Dave Jones, candidate for State Insurance Commissioner, invested $25,000.

Perhaps some causes, and some politicians aren’t worth charging for, or Ms. Waters deems them so worthy, she donates her endorsement without collecting a single penny.  The forgoing aside,  a representative from the FEC has said:

Christian Hill, an FEC spokesperson, said that money paid for slate mailers “…is exempt from the definition of ‘contribution’ and ‘expenditure’ under the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA).” Like the interest campaigns earn from a bank account or investment income they might receive if they’ve invested in stocks, slate mailers are income to the campaign, usually categorized as “other” in FEC summaries and by other organizations that aggregate contributions data like the Center for Responsive Politics.

Congress, or some members at least, grunt their success at doing away with pork and they also crow about their success at revising campaign law for the benefit of the citizens and the detriment of the  crooked lobbyists and other spoilers.  I believe it can be said, based on the report from the Sunlight Foundation,  congress has given us hoaxes of the cruelest sort.  If actions, such as those taken by Ms. Waters are  allowed … why waste the efforts of Congress and the money of taxpayers.

There is much more to read in the Sunlight Foundation article.  You really should read it.  If for no other reason than to see how Congress manages to betray American citizens while selling them a bill of goods.

Here’s the link to the rest of the story.