Big Guns Loading Up Against Governor Appointed Board

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Yesterday and today the New Mexico Business Weekly reported on the efforts of the Greater Albuquerque Chamber Of Commerce and Public Service Company Of New Mexico to garner support against cap-and-trade regulations suggested by the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board (EIB)… a seven member board appointed by the Governor and approved by the legislature:

Local business groups urged their members to build a grass-roots effort to block state-based regulation of greenhouse gas emissions on Tuesday.

The Albuquerque luncheon event – organized by the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce and the Public Service Co. of New Mexico – sought to encourage more business and economic development groups to get involved in hearings by the Environmental Improvement Board to consider legal caps on local carbon emissions.

Opposition to the regulations proposed by the board has built with opponents hitting on what they say will be a killer for recruitment of businesses from out-of-state and harmful for businesses established in the state who the opponents say will be less competitive with businesses outside of New Mexico.

A Santa Fe based company (New Energy Economy) along with the state players are pushing a scheme that would allegedly reduce the level of carbon emissions from firms which emit more than 25,000 metric tons of the substance per year.  New Energy Economy’s  and other supporters’ counter to the assertions from opponents is to say:

New Energy and state advocates say the lack of federal action to regulate greenhouse gas emissions makes state-level action critical. The U.S. House passed a comprehensive climate change bill last year, but a similar initiative in the U.S. Senate has languished for the past 12 months and collapsed in July.

A suit by opponents to prevent deliberation by the EIB on the new regulations was filed in the 5th Judicial district and was subsequently  appealed from that court’s jurisdiction  through action of the EIB and the State.  The suit was dismissed by the New Mexico Supreme Court earlier this year.  The court essentially ruled that there was no basis to contest the EIB’s actions while deliberations were continuing.

Looking at this battle from earlier actions of both sides and barring a favorable ruling in a later suit filed by the opponents, it seems this issue will continue for at least another six months to a year.

You can read the complete article here and see the other groups that participated in the meeting. Also, be sure to read the story found through the link found below.

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