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The health inspectors who shut the little Oregon girl down before she could even make a small percentage of her investment back were … yes, just doing their job.  I hesitate to poke fun at them or make them the butt of jokes, but I remember the first time I thought about having a lemonade stand.  I got the idea from one of the comic books floating around about 64 years ago.  Health inspectors back then, were basically non-existant in small town Southeastern New Mexico, and if available, I’m sure they would have never glanced my way had I the energy and impetus to venture out in the world of the tycoons.

At this stage of my life and at the stage of the young  Portland perpetrator’s life, I would have thought the shut-down of a potential future governor’s or president’s business would not happen — especially given the state of our economy.  That and I’d think the power of the self-incentive the girl reached down to pull out of her heart and soul ought to be respected to the very extent possible.

Well, I really have managed to get this far without criticizing the inspectors and all I have to say at this point is … bah and bah at what has happened to our litigious society.

Here’s a link to what I have commented about if you have somehow missed it:

Would She Poison Anyone

Once you’ve accessed the article, click on the enlargement link for a larger image and proof that she could never place anyone in harm’s way.

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