Good News For Kids In Multnomah County (Update On A Tale)

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It looks like there is a reasonable person  in Multnomah County, Oregon that recognizes  that the business instinct of young American kids need not be tampered with through unyielding rules and regulations.  Hopefully you remember the story of the young Miss and her lemonade stand … both of whom were set upon by zealous food and safety inspectors.  According to the Oregonian, the Multnomah County Chairman has now acquiesced and announced the following:

No need to jack up the price of a glass of lemonade. Turns out kids won’t have to shell out $120 for a health permit to run their lemonade stands after all.

Multnomah County’s top elected official apologized Thursday for health inspectors who forced a 7-year-old girl to shut down her stand last week because she didn’t have a food-safety permit.

Chairman Jeff Cogen also said he has directed county health department workers to use “professional discretion” in doing their jobs.

Could it be possible that the Multnomah County area, perhaps all of Oregon, will become the focal point or mecca for further lemonade business models?  Such a beginning to the end of bully regulators and their enforcers would be wonderful.

Here is more of the story,  and we trust, the last chapter of  the young girl’s torment. ;>)

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