Mr. Rangel Pops The Question

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According to the Sunlight Foundation (Foundation) Mr. Rangel seeks to let his electorate know whether he is honest or corrupt.  In so many words that is the answer he seeks.  It would seem that Mr. Rangel could reveal the answer and be done with the plot caused by his alleged wandering from the course expected of elected officials. Found just below is an excerpted video provided by the Foundation:

Paul Blumenthal wrote a few lines to illustrate how fleas stick to a dog’s back:

He also, for what may have been the first time, admitted that he broke House rules and apologized. He followed up his apology with a tirade against the notion that he was involved in anything corruption.

“Corruption!” he yelled incredulously while stating the ethics committee did not detail one act of corruption committed by him.
That is what a lawyer of any pedigree is wont to do.  Make fun of the accusers and gain their sympathy and approbation before it all ends.  Well, gravel-voiced and rock-steady didn’t surprise.  He came right though as a true shyster does:
His speech ended with a standing ovation from his peers on both sides of the aisle.
There’s little more to read after you just read about a grand scheme scam and you and your fellow Americans have just been flummoxed in the grandest of ways by a pack of professional courtesy schemers.  Political Bosses have not grasped the will to change; nor, will they ever.
And Republicans gave him a standing ovation … to be expected, of course.  There’s little more to see or hear from Mr. Blumenthal, but try here.
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