A Foolish Pastor Who May Turn Into A Full-Blown Fool

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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Let’s get this straight from the beginning.  I am a Christian with plenty of faults and sin in my past and the present … no doubt, the future.  I hold no special, and certainly no absolute knowledge  of Islam or its billions of adherents.  I do know that some who say they are Muslim have repeatedly attacked American interests and murdered innocent Americans and citizens of the world that did not deserve to be taken from their loved ones and their place on this earth. That said, I have a passing acquaintance with a Muslim family who on occasion take advantage of free internet access at a local establishment that I fvrequent.  They are reserved and have two friendly, well-mannered and beautiful children.  The wife habitually wears a burka and I assume the family practices as followers of one of the more strict sects of Islam.  I do not know because I did not ask, but I will try to learn more without inserting myself where I am not welcome. I suppose, I am like many American Christians.  I may be guarded, but not ready, nor do I want to give up my desire to not hate people because of their religion.

I’ve read about the “Christian” Pastor and his church in Florida that  plans to burn  a Koran (s) as a statement against what happened on 9/11.  The Koran is a Holy manuscript to Muslims.  Although, I will not compare the Koran and the Bible, I will say that there was a man with a crazed mind who burned books and religious tracts and went on to murder millions to fulfill his insane desire to rule the world.  I see no benefit in burning Korans, but I do see danger in Christians, so-called or otherwise, burning a religious tome in a misguided effort to demonstrate what they call support of the victims of 9/11 and a message to terrorists and radical Islamists.

In America, the U.S Constitution protects one’s right to burn books, be they Bibles or Korans.  It also protect Pastors who would be fools to make a misguided attempt at having every Muslim punished through the burning of the Koran.  I hesitate to go further because, although I feel justified in judging him (the Reverend) here on earth, the turn for final judgment is the job of  the God, both he and I purport to follow.

Enough of what I think and believe.  I sense that whatever I say will not get to the Reverend, but I would like to go to what someone far more important than myself or the Reverend has said.  That would be General  David  Petraeus.

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