Medicare — Hold It There, Maybe Not, Old People

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The Wall Street Journal/Opinion Journal has a troubling article by Peter Ferrara and Larry Hunter.  It is about ObamaCare and what it will do to Medicare unless something is done to change POTUS’s and Congress’ creation.  I’m concerned because I am one of those old downhill types and I’m not talking about skiing down a steep slope, although the peril might be very much the same.  The article starts with:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has attacked Senate Republican candidates for wanting “to end Medicare as we know it.” And in Nevada’s hotly contested Senate race, Majority Leader Harry Reid is attacking Republican Sharron Angle, saying she wants to “gut” Medicare. But Mr. Reid has already gutted it. He and his colleagues did so by passing ObamaCare.

I’m not going to insist that I’m entitled to Medicare (I’m not) but since I have it, I wouldn’t mind keeping it for whatever years more than 70 (my present age) might be allowed me.  Medicare, or not, I don’t like being lied to and that is exactly how Medicare under ObamaCare feels at this point.  Let’s go a little further:

In his analysis accompanying the recently released Annual Report of the Medicare Board of Trustees, Richard Foster, Medicare’s chief actuary, noted that Medicare payment rates for doctors and hospitals serving seniors will be cut by 30% over the next three years.

Then Mr. Foster goes on to say that by the end of the 75-year projection period in the Annual Medicare Trustees Report, Medicare payment rates will be one-third of what will be paid by private insurance, and only half of what is paid by Medicaid. But, you’ve not seen anything until you read this next bit of news:

Altogether, ObamaCare cuts $818 billion from Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) from 2014-2023, the first 10 years of its full implementation, and $3.2 trillion over the first 20 years, 2014-2033. Adding in ObamaCare cuts for Medicare Part B (physicians fees and other services) brings the total cut to $1.05 trillion over the first 10 years and $4.95 trillion over the first 20 years.

I’ll bet President Johnson never envisioned that a fellow Democrat, well Progressive, would turn Medicare bottom-up and do so in a rapid-fire manner.  There is more:

There will be added cuts under ObamaCare to Medicare Advantage, the private option to Medicare that close to one-fourth of all seniors have chosen for their coverage under the program because it gives them a better deal. Mr. Foster estimates that 50% of all seniors with Medicare Advantage will lose their plan because of these cuts. Mr. Obama’s pledge that “If you like your health plan, you will be able to keep it” clearly does not apply to America’s seniors.

I don’t have one yet, but if ObamaCare doesn’t quit taking my breath away, I will need an oxygen bottle … a big one.  There’s more bad news in the rest of the article and I’m sure more to come ad infinitum, or as a famous poet has said:

…  So, naturalists observe, a flea Has smaller fleas that on him prey; And these have smaller still to bite ’em, And so proceed ad infinitum. …

Jonathan Swit … On Poetry: A Rhapsody

“Bite ’em,” ” bite us,”  ObamaCare will be the end for us.  Read more from the article, right here and you’ll learn more startling news regarding your Medicare.  Don’t forget to chase the links shown below.

3 thoughts on “Medicare — Hold It There, Maybe Not, Old People

  1. People always seem to forget that not only seniors have Medicare. There are thousands of us who are on disability SS and our voice doesn’t seem to be heard or acknowledged. We are all affected too, I just wish someone would think we exist!!!!!

    • I believe the article from the WSJ stated such, but I could be mistaken. I did not intend to ignore the
      folks on SSI. I have a very close relative on SSI and yes, it can be like herding cats to secure services under
      the program.

      Thanks for commenting. I really appreciate your visit and and value your opinion.


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