New Homophobes, Spitters And Hitleresque Sign Submitters

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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After all the remonstrative dialogue offered by some who have decried what they believe the Tea Party to stand for,  it is telling to see them act out  those accusations toward the Tea Party, and Tea Party supporters.  It is not the first time that the progressives and their fellow celebrants have pulled the pins on their grenades of hate.  We well remember the  “F” word Bush and the Hitler moustaches placed on the protest signs of the left side of the equation during the last administration  … it seems as though it hasn’t stopped.

The folks at Founding Bloggers have a round-up, more like a corral full of insulting homophobic comments and an allegation of spitting from within a group transported to attend a “Stop The Hate”  (according to the signs in the midst of the protesters) protest during an event held by Right Nation at the Sear’s Centre Arena in Chicago.  Two of the presenters for the Right Nation event happened were Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart.  A woman at the end of the video identifies the  protest group as Organizing for America (A Project of the National Democratic Committee)  where no matter how long you search OFA , you end up at, and you can see a link to the invitation to take part (or, does it amount to marching papers) on the Founding Bloggers site.

There are other characters who claim kinship to the Democratic Socialists of America and to the Obama administration.  We hope you’ll avail yourself of the opportunity to witness the accusers become the perpetrators.  Just be prepared to park yourself for both extended narrative and video. Click right here.

We almost forgot to provide another example of “mustache marque posters” provided by the supporters of a certain Representative Halvorson.  Can you say the grenade exploded in their hand.   WhoDunIt (?) right here at Gateway Pundit.


7 thoughts on “New Homophobes, Spitters And Hitleresque Sign Submitters

  1. The last time you re-posted Breitbart, you ended up apologizing…

    I didn’t get far into this video. Very early on it became obvious that this was yet another choreographed Breitbart-provokes-the-crowd production. The man managed to thoroughly discredit himself with the Shirley Sherrod incident, and I have to say I’m a little disappointed to see bringing him forward again. Again, I think we should focus on issues rather than fringe behavior, and cynical exploitation thereof.

    • An apology is something made for a regretful error. It is not something to be used (in my opinion) to garotte someone into a speechless form. I did not contract with you to give up any source I wish to use when it comes to gathering material. That may have been your motive, but it was certainly not due to any acquiescence on my part.

      You didn’t get very far into the video, yet you seem to assume the video is all about Brietbart. As it sometimes appears to be the case when you are trying to rip me you couldn’t be more wrong. You do yourself and anyone who reads your comments and decides to assume, as you apparently have, that the piece is just about Brietbart, a disservice.

      You said:

      Again, I think we should focus on issues rather than fringe behavior, and cynical exploitation thereof.

      I did focus on issues. Those very same issues about which the CBC and others have beat up the Tea Party on more than one occasion. I believe the issues in the piece illustrate some of the Progressives, the Democratic Socialists of America and plain old garden variety Democrats may be (are) still capable of USING the same sort of scat they used on Bush during much of his two terms as President.

      It is called irony and satire (in some instances) and I will continue to use both as a substantial part of what I write. I’m sorry you often do not agree with my style or content, but I do have other readers who seem to like both just fine.

      • My turn to apologize. I didn’t mean that you were cynically manipulating anything; that was intended to be directed toward the video and similar productions. Bad behavior is bad behavior regardless of who is indulging in it.

          • Okay, to be fair, I went back and watched the whole video. I have to say that my original impression didn’t change much; the grand majority of it was Andrew Breitbart, and most of the speaking was Andrew Breitbart – and I think everybody knows where I stand on Andrew Breitbart. Mr. Breitbart spent a good bit of time leveling “astroturf” accusations at the protesters, which to me came across as turning the tables on the “astroturf” accusations against Tea Party organizations. That’s more than I’m going to get into, here, but I will say that if union/Democratic organization is wrong, then so is lobbyist/corporate/Republican involvement of this kind, and two wrongs do not make a right.

            At least one person did, in fact, seem to level an anti-gay criticism, and that was wrong. All that having been said, the kind of “coverage” shown here, and produced all too often by both sides of the argument, is designed to incite and inflame rather than educate. To illustrate that point, I have removed the Tea Party Tracker link from New Mexico Central.

            • Never understood why you had a Tea Party tracker link to begin with. The “kind” of coverage as you say, is produced every day by every major radio and television network, including NPR. It is a fact of life and has been going on ever since the Democrats saw value in making “news” for the media. The difference now seems to be that all sides, including conservatives, have their media and take their cup of politics in various forms.

              You are not likely, no matter how sincere and well-meaning you are, to change it. It’s huge on all sides of the political spectrum.

              • I know; sadly, it seems to be a juggernaut that is going to have to dash itself to pieces in its own way and in its own time. All I can try to do is not take the bait, or at least try not to take it too often. The media has no reason to change its tactics on this; they’ll keep reporting on it as long as it boosts ratings and keeps their larger advertisers happy. Edward R. Murrow is probably rightfully spinning in his grave.

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