What To Call A Group Of Turkeys

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2010)

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I’m sure that NOW and NARAL would answer, “Men,” but we are asking the question as it applies to a familiar feathered friend.  The answer would be, a rafter or a gang.  So, now you know, or at least you know what the United States Geological Service website provides.  The website covers the name for groups of many animal and invertebrate groups and I have to say that some of the names sound suspiciously contrived, although interesting.  Here’s the link to the Animal Congregations web site.

Well, now you know how to call the name of many animal groupings.  I hope the increased familiarness, because of your new knowledge, will not interfere with your enjoyment of whatever portion of bird or beast you intend to orally attack this fine Thanksgiving.

There is a great possibility that those volunteers for cooking today are seriously tardy in performing all the intricate details of basting, stuffing and other unnatural or common maneuvers forced on the corpse or body parts of celebratory animals.  To assist, albeit late in coming, I offer the following video containing links to more video magic bird cooking for the holidays:

Now that you’ve seen the videos, you’re probably asking if it would be okay to toss the bird (no pun intended) and rush to a turkey buffet offered by a restaurant … no, it would not.  But you really should pay attention to the links found below and wonder along with me about why there is little to-do offered for the lowly ham, ducks, geese and smaller birds. .