Help Cut And Balance New Mexico’s Budget

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The Rio Grande Foundation has published a request — perhaps a plea would be a  more appropriate descriptor, for the public’s help in coming up with ways to fix New Mexico’s budget for the next fiscal year.  They have posted a narrative, a short report explaining their rational and a survey to allow all New Mexico citizens to take part.  They also request ideas from the public on other ways to cut at least 5 million dollar blocks from the pot.

Here is a link to their article of today:


Within the article, you’ll find links to the report and the survey.  We urge readers to participate and submit your opinions no later than December 31st … the cut-off date.  And, don’t forget to pass the survey on to your friends.  There are other recent stories dealing with our economic situation on their website with links to the stories contained on the same page as mentioned above.

Thanks to the “Foundation” for their work on this and other important issues affecting our State.

2 thoughts on “Help Cut And Balance New Mexico’s Budget

  1. Looking the information at the other end of the link over, it seems fairly obvious (at least to me) that the purpose of the survey is to obtain input on the Foundation’s preferred approaches rather than solicit ideas on how to cut and balance the budget. Regardless, they got my ratings on their proposals.

  2. I borrow a survey for you to consider and you want to purvey your own ideas? What kind of salesman are you? Seriously, they have a Libertarian bent, if not an entire agenda toward that goal, but I’m sure there are other surveys and ideas out there turned the other way or ways. Maybe together, when all is said and done and everyone (or most respondents) attempt honest responses, we can come up with some ideas that will work utilizing all the surveys.
    Although, you may not have favored their questions or direction they were taking, I’ll bet the way you answered them gave them an opportunity to see how you see their direction or suggestions.
    Thanks for participating in the survey and commenting.

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