Someone Asked Me, “Do You Prefer To Talk Or Text?”

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

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My answer will come, but as I begin, I once told my teenage granddaughters I was the texting champ in my age group.  A huge lie, of course, but I wanted to have stature with them.  Turned out they believed me only as long as it took them to look at my face … it was my deceiving eyes that gave them the first clue.  Next they remembered that I am their “weird” Poppy and that was the end of my attempt to gain texting recognition from the angels in my life.

I really have not been adverse to texting, so long as I don’t have to do it myself, and I can just watch others “trip the light fantastic” over keys no bigger than a pinhead.  There is something about a 70-year-old, numb fingered curmudgeon attempting to fit his fingers over a series of letters without touching all the letters to the right, left, top and bottom of the target letters, while moving his lips and eyes to the right and left, and failing miserably to communicate, that is sad: almost tragic to behold.   Then the abbreviations that place folks in danger of orally repeating them as a real word that actually appears both nonsensical and entirely useless in getting a message delivered to the recipient.  While some folks “swear by” texting as a great way to spend their lives,  I find I am fine  and will likely live longer  if I “swear at”  the technique and  do away with the total bother of the concept.

I prefer to talk over texting.  There is a danger in people not being able to understand what I utter.  That is due to having one parent from Oklahoma and the other from Tennessee, and being raised in “Little Texas,” otherwise known as southeastern New Mexico.  But, if my friends hang around long enough, I have found I eventually teach them to understand and they start speaking as I do through  virtual osmosis.

That is my story about texting and talking, except I forgot to say that texting as practiced by modern young people causes me to wonder if evolution will give them smaller, pointed thumbs without nails … perhaps they could be called” thexbers” with the “h”  being silent and the word becoming “texbers.”  Ok, I’m out of here “before” I become a silly curmudgeon. I hope you won’t shoot me for failing to be the text messenger.

Remember, no texting while living.