Here’s An Idea — Spend Tax Money Outside County’s Jurisdiction

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Let’s say your county has a 77 million dollar shortfall and you feel the urge to hold an employee retreat to try to solve the problem.  What solutions could you think about that would make solid sense after the county had experienced major accusations of public corruption?  Anything under the bulleted points make sense?

  • travel outside the county where the problem solvers could not be reached by telephone as an expressed preference
  • spend 10 to 15K  for two nights at a swanky but “inexpensive” hotel
  • hide or cover-up the number of employees and elected officials essential for attendance
  • ignore county owned facilities suitable for the two-day use
  • forget county businesses that pay taxes and fees to hold the sessions; thereby losing payroll and private sector employee/employer taxes and salaries

In times of fat public sector bank accounts, an example shown by a county or other public entity might not amount too much in the mind of citizens,  but in these times of  splintered and skinny wallets the public’s collective attitude is likely much different.  Especially when a great deal of executive and police corruption is barely one month cold.

Those reading this might be wondering where the mentioned county would be located.  Not to worry, it is in Prince George’s County, Maryland and you can read more by plinking this word.

Perhaps, residents of Prince George’s County are puzzled why  a resident of Santa Fe County, New Mexico is bothering himself with East Coast public finance and politics — here’s my reason:  I’m drawn to decisions made with little thought to real benefit, but mostly I have heard so much spin and silly theory today, that I wanted to think about something else which might help me to forget about how far  minds from the mainstream media (MSM) might stretch given enough latitude.  To paraphrase, a Bob Dylan song title, the answer is Blowin’ In The Wind. I’m not trying to match the words to Dylan’s song to what has transpired today, but I am trying to match the title to what many MSM pundit’s lips have done over the last two or three days to ratchet rhetoric upward in the Grand Canyon State and beyond.

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