Fact: Dead Men Tell No Tales — Fact: Dead Woman Donates Money?

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

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Another “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” reference;  but are there two facts contained in the title, or just one, or maybe none?  First a disclaimer.  This article is about donations accruing to one of the Tea Party organizations.  In general I am a supporter of the Tea Party’s  core principles, but I believe the accounting used by the Tea Parties, should in general be correct and verifiable.  In the story reporting on those donations mentioned above, it seems the Tea Party Express, for now, is unable to explain particular donations.

OpenSecrets.org, which falls under the Center for Responsive Politics, reports on money and other issues in politics, whether  in support of conservative or liberal policy or ideals.  At least for now, they have been unable to come up with an answer as to how a deceased woman has managed to donate from her final resting place.  We all have to admit such a donation if  not explained, is more than a tad curious.  Let’s look at some of their  reporter’s (Michael Beckel) findings:

According to the Center for Responsive Politics‘ research, Joan Snyder Holmes of Guam made three donations in the autumn of 2009 to the group’s political action committee — known as the Our Country Deserves Better PAC. The donations together totaled $2,500.

The Tea Party Express’ PAC furthermore reported receiving a lump-sum donation of an additional $5,000 from Joan Holmes in September, according to the Center’s review of campaign finance records it filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Mr. Beckel’s report continues with a revelation (unremarkable in itself) that the donations are strange because Ms. Holmes passed on from cancer during the year 2007.  The husband of Ms. Holmes’, a retired Marine Corps colonel and media entrepreneur, is Lee Holmes.  Mr. Holmes has donated heavily to conservative causes and candidates, often donating over allowed limits, but there is no verifiable proof at this time, to believe the donations made, which were above legal amounts, were made to get around the law.  A search using “Lee Holmes, Guam” will produce references to litigation involving Mr. and Ms. Holmes and their media companies.   To be sure, the foregoing is not mentioned to cast aspersions on Mr. or Ms. Holmes, but only because the records exist.

There is more to read which will cause more speculation, but thus far, the mystery and question remains: Did A Dead Woman Donate Money?  You can read the rest of the article by Mr. Beckel, as well as see actual donation reports by going here.

As for me, I hope there is a plausible and legal reason for the apparent slip-up involving the donations and the recipient’s failure to determine they were questionable.  If not, the dollars will fall or fail where they must.  Do you suppose there are similar situations existing on the liberal side of the political divide … maybe?  We’ll see.

There are added links referring to the donations found below.