Some Kick “Ash” Coke

Great Dane exercise

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 – 2011)

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When you think you are lucky after you burglarize a home and discover two sizable containers of snort, will you be elated when after partaking of the treasure, you discover you have sniffed someone’s ash?  Five teen-age boys apparently not only snorted a human’s ash, but also manage to sniff two Great Danes’ ashes until they discovered there were no high-times in the vases, only the remains of someone’s father and two “man’s best friends” in powder form.  I would image the stupidity resonated around their empty skulls, as they realized the high was not to come and they started to feel mighty low after partaking of their fake toot.

See what being a druggie can do for you, children?  These young idiots have ingested parts of one human and two dogs thinking the substances were lines of nose candy.  I just wonder how the police got on to them to begin with.  Surely they weren’t barking up the wrong trees, whizzing on fire hydrants and chasing big dogs. You can read more by accessing the article at the link found below:


What intelligent people we have cloned, er foisted on society.  Put these five back in the test tube and cork ’em up.  There are related links  found just below.

Attorney General’s Scam Alert For 01/19/2011



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SCAM: Health Inspector Scam



OVERVIEW: The New Mexico Environmental Health Division has reported to  AG Gary King’s Consumer Protection Division that the latest version of the “Health Inspector” scam is making its way into restaurants statewide.

Posing as health inspectors from the “State Health Department” and the “United States Department of Agriculture,” scammers are calling restaurant employees in Alamogordo, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Clovis, and Deming stating they have “had a complaint” and will be visiting their establishment “today.”

During the discussion, the scammer instructs the restaurant employee to “hang up the phone” so as to receive another call that will “provide ID numbers of the inspectors.”

The subsequent call is automated and provides a “craigslist password”  while another reported call requests credit card machine numbers.

PREVENTION: Though it is not clear the specific intent of the calls, the “Health Inspector” scammers appear to be phishing for credit card numbers and personal information.

Individuals receiving this type of call are asked to report the activity to their local law enforcement agency and the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office at

Reminder:  The United States Department of Agriculture and State of New Mexico Health Inspectors will never ask for any type of payment or credit card information.



Lynn Southard
Deputy Director of Communications
Office of New Mexico Attorney General
Gary K. King
111 Lomas Blvd NW
Suite 300
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
505 222-9048 office
505 231-4731 cell

woodsEnd Church Food Distribution (01/21/2011)


This coming Friday (01/21/2010) will be the first food pantry distribution of 2011 for woodsEnd Church.  The map to the church and instructions for those who desire food is found below.  Thanks and God Bless to woodsEnd, its congregation and volunteers for their continued service to the citizens of this area.