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Well, it isn’t a science, although some would have you believe it is.  But if you have a good, or even better, an excellent instructor on the subject, you can begin to understand the ideas touted by the more learned of those who say they know the way to understanding Economics.

Dr. Thomas Sowell, the recipient of many honors,  is a fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.  An author and commentator, who has an earned reputation as an expert on many subjects,  he is interesting to read and fascinating to hear.

You can come to an understanding that the American dream of home ownership is both worthwhile and it cannot come about by foolish government intervention dictating that everyone should realize the dream before thy can pay for it.  While, I am no expert on government or economics, I am perceptive enough to know that government can’t cause people with no means to pay to become homeowners before they can afford a home … no matter how earnestly social engineers work at trying to make it so.  So think of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (we’ve mentioned them before) but don’t thank them, as they are responsible to a large degree for the mess in which we find ourselves.  Dr. Sowell will speak to both Fannie and Freddie, but he won’t  stop there.  So set back and pay attention for just over 33 minutes after you click on Thomas Sowell — Basic Economics.

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Edgewood Chamber Friday Blast or Saturday, er Sunday


January 28, 2011


Office Update

As many of you now know, we’re getting settled into our new temporary office at 1917 Old Hwy 66 Ste. E. Our January mixer was held here and we had quite a turn out. We are however going to be pursuing a larger space in the very near future. Thanks to our many new and renewing members, we are looking forward to a good year and are planning to get into a large enough space to hold meetings and small conferences, etc.
In the meantime we’re quite cozy in our current little space and it does offer a place for visitors to come in, say hi, look at your business materials, and get information about the area. Krys Daniels is our new Executive Director and will be staffing the office from 10:00am to 1:00pm Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays each week. Krys will also be out among the community saying hi and introducing herself whenever she’s not at the office trying to catch up on the mountain of admin work that has built up. Stop in and say hi to Krys when you get a chance.
Some of the work that Krys will be doing as time goes on is contacting you to make sure we have current contact information for you and your business and to see if there are any new advertising materials you need to get us to place in the office, i.e. business cards, brochures, etc. She is also in the process of making sure you have certificates to display in your business. If you don’t hear from Krys in the near future please call in and touch base to make sure we are serving you the best that we can.

Three People Nominated For Board Position!
We have received three nominations for the seventh Board position we need to fill. We will be reviewing the nomination applications this coming week and listing the nominees in next Friday’s Blast. Be sure to check it out to see who you will have the chance to vote for at the upcoming Luncheon February 9th at the Edgewood Community Center. Each nominee will have the chance to tell a bit about themselves and why they would like to be on the Board before the voting so be sure to be there to have your vote.
Our sincere thanks to those who are willing to serve!

Getting Caught Up!

As mentioned in last week’s Blast, there’s been a lot of things to do to get into the swing of the new year. One of the biggies that has been looming over us was getting the website up to date. Well, we’re almost there! Just a few more tweaks here and there and it should be looking pretty good. You CAN now once again use the website for making payments to luncheons, membership dues, etc. In fact, you are encouraged to pay for the luncheons on the website and don’t forget, when you do you are put into a drawing for a FREE lunch at an upcoming meeting! So go online and sign up now for next month’s luncheon… Don’t forget that you can also advertise for a small fee on the website (call or email for details).
Our membership applications are now available at our office so if you need to pick one up stop by. If no one is in the Chamber office, (our space is in the ReMax Western Heritage building) ask one of the Remax people for one and they should be able to help you.
Thanks to Lori Harris, a former Chamber Board member, we now have a copy of an old Chamber Directory that we will be updating and will soon make available for distribution. We’re also working on the online directory to bring it up to date.
Amongst all the positive things that are taking place, I’ve got one minor concern. I’m sending this Blast out to well over a hundred folks each week and only seeing about 30% of the people opening it up. I’ll be doing more research but my concern is that we’re not reaching all our members as efficiently as we could/should be. If you know someone who has subscribed to the Blast and is not getting it, or is unable to open it, or is having any kind of trouble with it, please let me know. You can call the office or email me at either my personal email address or the Chamber email address.
All these updates are taking a lot of work so we appreciate your continued patience as we strive to make your Chamber better!

Proud Resident of Edgewood

I thought this was worth sharing.
I received a call the other day from a resident of Edgewood that would like other people in the community to participate in a sweepstakes contest that could give Edgewood a chance to win some much needed money for a town project. The sweepstakes is through Reader’s Digest and is called “We Hear You America“. She is asking that we show our support for Edgewood by casting votes for our town.
Even though it’s late in the game I think it shows great spirit and how some people in our community really believe good things can get done if we all band together!

Edgewood Events 

The Friday Blast is starting a new section reserved for your events or happenings in the area!
If you have an upcoming event or a special happening you want to share please email your information to our office at The deadline to get info in for a Friday Blast will be Wednesdays by 5:00pm. Information will be reviewed and if acceptable will be featured in this section the following Friday.
Have A Great Week Edgewood!



Would you like YOUR information to be in front of everyone that searches for business in Edgewood? 

How about your logo on your directory listing?
We have a variety of plans that can work for you…check out the ads currently ON the website and call the office (505-286-2577) or send an email to request details



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