They Didn’t Get “Down”

Rubber duck

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Big flock of  ducks missing and presumed stolen in Illinois town:  For sure they didn’t “just fly the coop” (if they had one) because they haven’t a feather or a single flapping wing between them.  Rubber ducks do not fly, but they do manage to bump their bums if tossed or dropped.  And they seldom pay their bills for allowing them to dine.

2500 rubber ducks were apparently stolen from a police auxillary storage facility where they were being kept before a scheduled fund-raising event called the Duck Pluck. Yorkville police expect to find  all the ducks (maybe in a row … perhaps not) and for some reason expect their school resource officer might help in the effort.  It’s always the quacky kids that get first look:

The Yorkville Citizens Police Academy planned to use them for its annual charity “Duck Pluck.”

The Beacon-News, a local paper, describes the ‘fowl’ tradition: Participants buy a duck for a few dollars. Ducks are then pulled out and the duck “owner” wins raffle prizes from local businesses. Duck races have been going on in Yorkville since 1991, although the race was recently discontinued, in favor of the duck pluck.

There is no mention of a reward or letter of commendation for anyone who might help solve the fowl deed, but anyone with information is urged to:

Anyone with information about the theft should call Yorkville police at 630-553-4340.

Here’s the rest of the story and don’t forget to read any links below, where you may find ducks are not always good to eat or even taste.