Obama Shows: Birthers Lose — Will They Bury Their Blues

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Without a lot of comment, I have placed the President’s birth certificate below — knowing full-well that like the Truthers, the Birthers will come out with  reasons to place doubt on the release.  What says more about the Birthers and Truthers than anything in these long arguments, is that they have made millionaires of lawyers, writers and sleazy politicians that have little to no credibility:   Joseph Farah, Jerome Corsi  Phil Berg (even now Berg continues) and Orly Taitz being a few of the most publicized.

For now, here is a link to the PDF of the birth certificate and a copy posted below the PDF.  With these, maybe we can get busy with the other pressing issues in our nation:


Click on the certificate for a larger image.  The more clicks the larger the image.

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