Feast On The Affluent?

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By Chuck Ring (GadaboutBlogalot ©2009 -2011

Quote Freely From The Article – Leave The Pseudonym Alone

Or, in other words, Eat the Rich.  Yep, “eat the rich”: Three words that have made it to the title of a movie,  a song (recorded by several “artists”)  the title of at least two blog articles, and a video that covers the points in one of the blog articles.  One blog and a video serves to play-out just how ignorant and inane the progressives, socialists and communists are as they prattle about taxing the rich as a means of ridding ourselves of the scat pile of national debt

The blog, on which we focus, is owned by David Burge  and is known as  IOWAHAWK.   In a March 2011 article, Mr. Burge, writes of the silliness of the ideas of Michael Moore, and similar ignoramuses, in how our nation can rise to a balanced budget.  Mr. Burge flays beyond the flesh to the bones of Michael Moore and his band of inorami (ignoramuses) and in Moore’s case, there seems to be plenty to flay.  Mr. Burge’s conclusion is taxing the rich simply will not do, nor will it even come close to achieving, a balanced budget.  You can read the article posted by David Burge by clicking here.

Bill Whittle of Firewall fame, has worked up a video focusing on Burge’s article, and it puts the points of Burge’s article in a neat package, with simple and effective demonstrations about why taxing the rich is a FAIL.  You can catch the video just below:

See related artgicles below. Thanks and taps of the cap to Mr. Whittle and Mr. Burge.