Projects For WWII Veterans

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From now until next Monday, May 30th (US Memorial Day) we will be posting videos, fliers, posters, audio, slide shows and other information about our United States Armed Forces men and women.  The following link will take you to a video explaining a project to fly WWII veterans to their memorial in Washington, D.C.  The video also explains the project includes a documentary movie to be shown in November of this year.  Please watch the video and read any narrative provided, then copy the URL for the video and paste it into an e-mail.  When you send the e-mail, tell your friends and loved ones to continue passing the video to others.  Please watch the video through to the end and ask those that you forward it to for the same consideration.  The producers of the movie are trying to have 50,000 additional viewers by Memorial Day:


Please click on the image to read details on the image and the memorial.

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