Dimwito’s In Houston Celebrate With Potluck At A Planned Parenthood Facility

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And we say to ourselves:  What A Wonderful World?  Not so much with people like these celebrants below. The information following comes to us from Breitbart’s  Big Government.  You can see the story and the “party” invitation by clicking on several links found below:


Houston Democrats Throw Christmas Party at Planned Parenthood

by Mike Flynn

Talk show host Michael Berry alerted us to the upcoming event of the Harris County Democrat Party. One doesn’t have to be a dedicated pro-life activist to find the idea of this event kind of sick. I think even the majority of those who believe abortion services and clinics should be available would agree that an abortion clinic is the wrong venue for a Christmas Party.  (Yes, I realize they say “Holiday Party,” in the invitation below but for the vast majority of Americans, the holiday they celebrate in December is Christmas. Heck, the invitation even used green and red lettering, the traditional colors of Christmas.)


Considering that, for many Americans, Christmas is a celebration of  the birth of a child, a party at an abortion clinic is a particularly sick irony.

Anyway, looks like they’re having a pot-luck and are providing wine, so that’s nice. They note folks can BYOB for a “stronger celebration”! Again…at an abortion clinic.

Of course, one of the sponsoring organizations is “BAAD Women” (Bay Area Association of Democratic Women), so maybe the choice venue was absolutely intentional.

Stay classy, Houston Democrats.

(Note: I initially thought that perhaps this was strictly an administrative building for Planned Parenthood where, perhaps, no abortions were performed. Nope. They do abortions there. And Christmas Parties!)

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