A Christmas Eve Story

We wish we had ran across this video earlier.  We did not, but we took a chance that we might receive an answer to our request to post it today or soon after.  Our e-mailed request to retired Ohio State Trooper Bob Welsh was answered today and we have graciously been granted permission for our posting of the presentation.

If you are now or have ever been a dedicated law enforcement officer, or if you are a citizen who has wondered just how stern and serious cops can be, and if they always present a persona like the metal of their badge … hard and durable.  Then please watch the video Trooper Welsh has presented:

A Christmas Eve Story

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Eve Story

  1. Bob Welsh, Retired Ohio State Trooper,
    Just watched Christmas Eve, how beautiful. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing some Kentucky State Troopers who’s heart was as big as yours. You guys have always been our protectors, did everything you were supposed to and then some. Thank you for all you’ve done, protector of the Highways. May you continue to enjoy a must deserved retirement.

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