Victor Davis Hanson Seeks Honesty About Illegal Immigration

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I suspect all conservatives and thinking liberals want the same as Mr. Hanson.  In National Review Online, Mr. Hanson covers the subject thoroughly and respectfully without political correctness gumming up the works.  He begins:

President Barack Obama recently assured El Salvador that the United States would not deport the more than 200,000 Salvadorans residing illegally in the United States. As the election nears, and the president looks to court Hispanic voters, he has also created a new position of “public advocate” for illegal immigrants, whose duties would appear to be advocating that millions circumvent, and not follow, current federal law

The above action by Obama is an insult to those former immigrants, who are now citizens after legally entering the US and  becoming citizens through study, dedication and hard work.  It should be added, action by some illegal aliens and their activist organizations, have at their core, nothing less than a new land taken by force of numbers … perhaps by force of arms if the land cannot be taken by allowing millions of illegal aliens to become citizens through amnesty.

The administration has also said it will focus its enforcement only on those who have committed crimes — with the implicit understanding that it is no longer a crime to illegally enter and reside in the United States. Obama has caricatured those supporting completion of a fence on the border as wanting to place alligators in the Rio Grande.

Citizens of the US should contemplate the fiscal and cultural impact of illegal immigration and amnesty granted when the pressure of the aliens becomes so immoral it causes a breakdown in our economic safety and after it impacts our system of laws to the extent it causes this nation and its citizens to accept a dishonest government which has thrown up its hands in frustration.  Frustration after the wrong method of dealing with illegal aliens through ignorance and a wrong-headed surrender of its basic responsibilities.  Employers of illegal aliens (there are thousands) also should bow their heads in shame for their part in propagating and growing this problem, while ignoring the laws they are supposed to obey.

True, American employers have welcomed in illegal aliens as a source of cheap labor. Employers were happy to pass the ensuing social costs on to taxpayers. To summarily deport those who have resided here for 20 years, obeyed the law, worked hard, stayed off public assistance, and are now willing to pay a fine, demonstrate English proficiency, and pass a citizenship test would be impracticable, callous, and counterproductive.

We ordinary citizens have sat and waited, and waited and waited some more for our so-called leaders in congress and past and present administrations to right this shipwreck and its terrible price.  Of course we wait in vain; either due to lack of commitment or the influence peddling through political contributions from powerful construction, agricultural or manufacturing interests.  Each instance of irresponsibility or lack of commitment slaps justice in the face and cause Lady Liberty to shed a tear of remorse.

The rest of Mr. Hanson’s story continues in the same vein, but with different examples of what our failure to look the immoral aspects of illegal aliens straight in the eye to deal with our nations future and secure justice for this nations citizens.  Please continue to the rest of the story by clicking here … do it for your children and grandchildren.

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