Hillsdale College Presents: First Principals On First Fridays

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Here’s a title which may attract your attention. If you forget the primary season is well on the way and this lecture was first given on January 6, 2012, you may yet obtain some value from the points given in the lecture.  The questions and the truth has some import in our local election, especially given so many anonymous copies of over-cooked silliness are making their way into the postal boxes of Edgewood residents:

The 2012 Election: America’s Moment of Truth

With the Iowa caucuses slated for January 3, 2012, and the New Hampshire primary scheduled a week thereafter, this presentation will outline what is at stake, and how citizens can understand the political and constitutional issues that will be decided.

This presentation comes in the form of a video lecture and is 66 minutes and 30 seconds long.  Please find the video through the link just below and consider accessing any related articles found afterward.

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