March for Protection of Constitutional Rights and Religious Freedom Highlights

March for Protection of Constitutional Rights and Religious Freedom Highlights

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In response to the recent Health & Human Services mandate requiring religious organizations to provide insurance coverage of contraception (including abortion-inducing prescriptions and sterilization), last Saturday, 3/2, the nation’s first march and rally for religious liberty took place in Las Cruces.

Event highlights:

  • 500 marchers participated, including Catholics, Evangelicals, Protestants and other religious affiliations
  • Speakers included priests/pastors, medical professionals and elected officials
  • Religious leaders addressed the steady assault on religious liberty, emphasizing the need for all faiths to work together to protect the religious liberties we are guaranteed under the constitution.
  • Healthcare professionals discussed the products and services they may be required to offer. Many may be forced to leave their profession if they are unable to follow their consciences/religious beliefs to protect life.
  • Elected officials encouraged citizens to know their constitutional rights. If these rights are not defended, they were acquainted with the consequences.

Special thanks to Congressman Steve Pearce for his participation and for providing copies of the US Constitution to rally participants. Many thanks to all who took time from their busy schedules to protect religious freedom and life!

On Friday, March 23rd, a number of marches/rallies to defend religious liberty will occur in many cities throughout the US. We are honored that the 1st march/rally took place in New Mexico!

Mark your calenders!  On March 23rd another March/Rally for the Protection of Constitutional Rights and Religious Freedom will take place in Albuquerque. It will begin at noon at the Federal Courthouse. Watch for upcoming TVAC alerts to provide details.

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